Becoming what you become…

Becoming what you become – how? and when?

Everyone is “someone.” Or you can also say people have “become” something. An identity so to say, or you can even say “stereotype” if that suits your fancy.

But becoming what you become is fascinating to me. More specifically – how one might dramatically change over life.

A couple examples of some acquaintances from decades ago.

    rediscovery of self - Becoming what you become...
  1. As a kid, one neighbor of mine was always on the “spiritual” side.
    Perhaps it had something to do with their cannabis habit. Who knows. But after 20 years “in the workforce” of corporate America – they decided to abandon that racket and follow their dreams of music and float along the “lilypad of life.”

    That person today?

    Exactly as I expected them to turn out. A little late – but it happened nonetheless.

  2. people change - Becoming what you become...

  3. Next example is a high school friend who was all about “guns” and “Ross Perot” and what I remember as a “capitalistic” person.
    Entrepreneur, business, “making money.” Loved Ronald Reagan.


    Leftist, environmentalist, socialist, progressive. Loves Hillary Clinton. Wants “equality” for all.

    WTF? How did someone go from loving freedom and opportunity – to getting folded into an entirely different mindset? Were they “mentally kidnapped?” Or just weak-willed?

Looking back, looking within, self-examination…

I wrote an obscure story about the mystical mirror recently… But I don’t think it should be as obscure as I alluded to.

Looking in the mirror is a helpful thing to do for every individual.

It’s much less about assessing your real, physical self – but more about “looking within.”

Take a “self-audit” about who you are. How did you become the way you are today? Do you remember how you used to be? What was good or bad about “back then?” What is good or bad about “today?”

Many of the folks I observe – most in fact – became “who they are today” not because of their drive to truly find themselves, but because they were “swept up” by a more powerful force than their own individuality. Thus, they became “useful cogs” for a bigger mission – led by something or someone outside of their own free will.

becoming someone or something else - Becoming what you become...

How a human being is “shaped?”

If I was a psychologist, this would be a 10,000 word essay, but I’m not – and this isn’t.

But it is truly fascinating to observe the world and witness how people “become what they become” for whatever reason. It’s not just about how infants and kids establish identity – it’s also about how fully-grown and mature adults change their personality over time.

It has changed so much since the propagation of the “information age.” People now (in my opinion) seem to change at the drop of a hat. People who were modest and kind 10 years ago, are now vigilant and combative! How?

Part of me thinks it’s this psychological machine called the internet. And more specifically the social media viruses brainwashing the masses.

Things happen nowadays so fast – that (as I’ve said repeatedly), many actions happen with less true “contemplation” and (deep thought) than ever before in history. Because humans are (voluntarily) bombarded with so much information, opinion and other fear-inducing scare-tactics – that it’s entirely changed the dynamics beyond repair! No one “stops and thinks” about “WHAT DOES THIS ALL REALLY MEAN?”

Part of the reason why it’s good to just “give up” on mainstream new outlets…

You ever leave a thought, idea or concept in the back of your head for future analysis? Or does everything need an instant action?

Unplugging and slowing down

We’ve talked about constant contact, as well as the amazing effect powerful computing and permanent connectivity has on society. It’s turned most of you into inhuman objects.

And while some folks out there have proclaimed that it’s beneficial to “unplug” and take some time for yourself – the whole concept is odd. And frightening to say the least.

Ask anyone you know: “Would you surrender your smartphone entirely for one month? Or “what about your smartphone AS WELL AS any internet connection?”

99.9% of respondents would say NO WAY!

Even I would say – “well, I need my internet connection to publish blog posts…”

You can do it

I have to say – thanks to the “future” I can indeed publish far in advance on a WordPress blog. So I could feasibly do without the internet for a few weeks, maybe up to a month.

But besides my business interest, would I be okay?

Maybe so. We have come a long way in the past five years. From being really digital and media oriented, to finding “organic” ways to live our lives. Not just food or what we buy – but other more simple aspects to a non-connected lifestyle. (hint: one of the first steps is leaving your home without any device. Scary at first – liberating soon after.)

IDEA: Comes down to INTERNAL or EXTERNAL acceptance

Folks (like myself) who are strong individuals (within), rarely allow external influences affect them without extreme vetting and careful thought.

Weak individuals – on the contrary – are EASILY influenced, and change like the tide with their beliefs, or whatever popular consensus is. Much of the environmentalists and other “social justice warriors” are of that type. They’re essentially “useful idiots” for causes that they believe are just, but actually benefit a much larger, draconian entity way beyond their scope of knowledge.

So how a person truly allows themselves to be influenced is a highly dynamic facet of life. Much of it has to do with how you were raised. And the dynamics of your parents, environment, childhood exposure, and so on… but some people are easily malleable whereas others are impossible to mold. Which are you?

Food for Thought Tuesday Hoboken411 - Becoming what you become...

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