Gluten Intolerant or not?

Is it trendy to be Gluten Intolerant? {video}

Gluten intolerant. That whole industry perplexes me.

For one, based on what we’ve read – humans really shouldn’t be ingesting the amounts of gluten (i.e., wheat) that we collectively do. Really none at all! Our bodies were just not designed for that much (thanks a lot, industrial revolution!)

do you really have a gluten intolerance in hoboken NJ - Gluten Intolerant or not?

However, “bread” has been around for ages. And you didn’t have “gluten free” aisles at the supermarket at the Egyptian Pyramids. Those old “wheats” were what we call “ancient grains” today.

My guess is that anyone with “real” gluten sensitivity can thank the “advancements” of modern science and greed for their medical woes. We brought it on ourselves.

But people cannot live without that most devilish carb – and as a result an entire category of life has been created: “gluten free.”

A Hoboken411 reader shared this humorous video with us regarding the whole booming trend of “gluten free” entitled “How to become Gluten Intolerant” from JP Sears:


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