Food for thought: Government Hypocrisy

Food for thought: Government Hypocrisy

Thousands of times per day, in cities, counties, states coast to coast – someone points out a hypocritical thing a government somewhere does.

Like in Hoboken, how city employees park illegally with no repercussions.

Or how campaign promises go unfulfilled (“lower taxes by 25%!”)

If the blatant hypocrisy is so prevalent – how come there hasn’t been a wholesale “clean sweep” of standing politicians and bureaucrats countrywide?

Because they have better publicists? Or just look pathetic to the point where you feel “guilty?” What is it?

What is preventing it? Complacency? Lack of organization? Or Bread & Circuses? Only minor tax increases?

That is today’s Hoboken411 “Food for Thought.”

Food for Thought Wednesday Hoboken411 - Food for thought: Government Hypocrisy

About Hoboken Food for Thought

The Hoboken411 Food for Thought category is about ideas and questions about society that may not be prevalent at your local water cooler, but should be.

The ability to ask “why?” is fading fast among the mentally-enslaved populous, as they get grossly entertained, amused, fed and drugged up. Most “news” is believed by all without question, and as the fabric of what holds us all together begins to shred – you’ll find some topics here that might shine light on why.

Read at your own risk.

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