Hoboken Irish Festival 2016

Hoboken Irish Festival – May 21, 2016

Here’s a little promo and commentary regarding the upcoming Hoboken Irish Festival on Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 12pm to 6pm (at Sinatra Park).

This is the city’s “response” to withdrawing the annual Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade. That was always a massive cash cow success for most local bars and restaurants (and put Hoboken on the map as a “party destination” for decades.)

However, public outcry regarding the debauchery, violence, and generally “ugly” aftermath led to it’s demise (more or less).

Maybe it was the awesome Howard Stern / Hoboken411 recap?

Oddly enough, the city has taken no action on “Friday nights” or “Saturday nights,” which have much of the same characteristics as the annual St. Paddy’s day parade… but I digress.

The city since replaced that mardi-gras style booze fest with a more tame (and equally less-attended) “Irish Festival” over at Sinatra Park. They’re doing it again this year on Saturday, May 21st from noon to 6pm. A few hundred people attend each year. Definitely not a mosh-pit!

A number of bands (including Gold N’ Brown, A Band of Rogues among others) will perform – along with vendors and other stuff for kids.

Hoboken Irish Festival 2016 - Hoboken Irish Festival 2016

What about other ethnicities in Hoboken?

How come there aren’t city-sanctioned German festivals?

Or Lithuanian festivals?

Or Icelandic festivals?

We have Italians covered, Puerto Ricans and Irish. That’s it.

The city just raised taxes again (despite “mayor” don Zimmer promising to lower taxes by at least 25% in her first year alone…), you’d think that fruity festivals like this would be considered “expendable” to property owners.

Why is no one contesting these types of things? Are you not seeing the connection between “oh, that is nice!” and “Hey – my tax bill keeps going up!?”

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As I have done in the past, I urge every person of Irish decent to boycott this sham festival. This is nothing more than an effort on behalf of City Hall to satisfy those people who are still seething over the cancellation off the parade. The Festival, if you want to call it that, is a joke. It’s funded by the taxpayers, organized by the non-Irish Director of Soccer and Nothing Else, and the non-Irish Cultural Affairs person, and serves as a photo op for the non-Irish Mayor. No self-respecting Irish person should want to be drawn into this sham. Stay home and let the fools fool themselves!!!