Gender identity {doublethink}

Gender Identiy – You are what you feel {except when you’re not?}

All the rage the last couple years is the “gender identity” that has infected the “news speak” of the world. Day after day you have to listen to the “plight” of the gender confused. Or so that is what they want you to believe.

(Chicken and the egg question: These sufferings were never an issue before. Why only today? Did society create their own issues?)

Anyway – it’s amazing how “accepting” a good chunk of society has become concerning these very few “transgender” people that the world is seemingly fighting for. Rights, bathrooms, this and that – it appears to me to be entirely out of place, strangely sudden, and grossly over-amplified. “WTF?” should be repeated non-stop by the entire populous, but that’s not the case. Hardly a proportional amount of people are OUTWARDLY saying “What the fuck is all this stupid shit all about?” It’s the minority that are challenging this horrible phenomenon…

To not outwardly say “you were born a (man/woman) – that is what you are. FACT!” So many people are “sensitive” to this fictitous nonsense about gender identity.

Have you ever asked HOW anyone might become afflicted with such nonsense? Is it the media they’re soaking up? The horrible indoctrination in so-called learning centers labeled “schools?” Or just public consensus and “Fakebook” opinion-shaping? Jeez Louise!

This great Swedish chick exposes some fellow countrymen in regards to gender identity – and other equally ridiculous “identity” claims – and her interviewees are stumped… showing the hypocrisy of this entire topic: They’ll accept someone who “identifies” as a gender they’re not, but not accept someone who claims to be a race they’re not – or a height they’re not.

gender identity

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