“The Trump Family I Know”

Okay – “The Trump Family I Know…”

We all know videos, along with imagery and touching soundtracks have been one of the most influential ways to coerce people into action. Just take any 30-minute infomercial about starving kids or weight loss – and you’ll understand.

However, here’s a 5-minute video from a Trump organization employee Lynne Patton (a black woman) who is vouching for the man she calls “boss.”

The video sounds heart-felt, along with the convincing soundtrack.

Hey – I know how the mechanism works. I understand that all people have to almost use the “same ingredients” to get their point across. It bugs me partially, but I get why. You have to sort of play the part to get the role…

Media, emotion, impression, and much more…

I could go on a very long-winded tirade about how things used to truly be “thought about…”

Not just major political debates – but just about anything. Disputes between individuals used to be carefully and comprehensively “thought about” before a conclusion was derived.

Today? It’s a 10-second debate – and it’s over.

I’ve said this countless times before. No one even considers (these rare phrases) called “contemplation” or “thoughts” anymore.

To contemplate an issue or topic requires time, energy and instinct to form a more solid viewpoint. If you have a pre-prescribed opinion about most “stuff,” well – you’re not really thinking or “contemplating” anything. You’re just a lemming….

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