Breathe Easy?

Breathe Easy at local Hoboken parks

Not sure if you’ve noticed those “Breathe Easy” signs at local parks (like Church Square Park) in Hoboken. They say that this public property is “100% smoke free.”

They don’t cite any state laws or city ordinances (like the “don’t feed the birds” signs and others in town do…)

I always thought that “100% smoke free” rule applied to indoor public places and work places only? Maybe the city put them up in the hopes that people would “voluntarily refrain” from smoking at the park? To appease cry baby loud mouths?

Even if the law was valid, it’s stupid as hell. (They even want to ban “e-cigs” too!) What’s stopping people from standing “outside the lines” of the park and blowing it in?

(Plus, the whole “second hand smoke” theory already been debunked to hell… so why keep fighting it?)

Cigarettes are legal, they collect billions in tax revenue, yet they want to control everything. This idiocy is unsustainable. It’s what happens when all the kindergarten kids who cried to the teacher when “billy colored outside the lines” attain positions in the government. Tsk, tsk.

breathe easy Church Square Park Hoboken NJ 2 - Breathe Easy?

breathe easy Church Square Park Hoboken NJ 1 - Breathe Easy?

Do you agree or disagree?

Do you think it’s appropriate to have the free people of a society be told what they cannot do in a park that they can legally do anywhere else that isn’t indoors?

How would you feel if smoke from outside the lines came in and you “smelled it?”

Don’t you realize that each new band-aid type law controlling people will only smooth the way for MORE over-reaching “laws” that will eventually effect all of us?

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If life could only be so simple.If posting a sign could really solve a problem, I would post one outside City Hall saying “This is a Stupid Free zone”.


If it makes you fell good not smoking, lie to yourself and tell yourself that the air we are breathing is fresh. Alot of air born particulate matter in the area outside of smoke.