Who are the ideal customers for hybrid cars?

Who are the ideal customers for hybrid cars?

Continuing our posts about hybrid cars (we just “sampled” a Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid recently).

Good questions to ask: “WHO ARE THE IDEAL CUSTOMERS FOR HYBRID OR ELECTRIC CARS?” How do you benefit from an ELECTRIC car at all?

Paying more across the board

Looking at the Ford C-Max specifically – there are the following models to choose from:

  • Hybrid SE (around $24,000 base, or $3,000 more for the fancier “SEL” model)
  • Energi (about $8,000 more)

These prices are just ball park, and don’t include incentives or dealer promotions.

Just demonstrating that you’re paying significantly more to have the “plug in” version compared to the “hybrid only.”

BETTER IDEA: you can get a low mileage, recent model year Volkswagen Jetta (turbo diesel) for under $10 grand, that can get 40-50 miles per gallon and are much more fun to drive. Hurry before they’re all gone!

Ford Dealer - Who are the ideal customers for hybrid cars?

Complicated and invasive rebates

The whole rebate “incentive” for buying an “eco-friendly” car is downright annoying and complicated. The fact that they have to tie it in to “tax credit” seems unnecessary and over-regulated.

Why can’t Ford handle the administrative work regarding these incentives instead of placing the burden on the customers? Wouldn’t that be easier all around?

In the end – limiting freedom of movement

It’s true the hybrids don’t suffer from any range restrictions. You can instantly “fill up” the gas tank along the way.

But electric cars – even ones that get 300 miles per charge – still SEVERELY LIMIT your ability to travel long distances in a respectable amount of time.

In a gas car, you can get to Florida in one day. Electric would take at least two, probably three or four.

Something very creepy about that feeling. Perhaps it’s by design.

And the ideal customers are?

Based on my observations – the ideal customers for hybrid or electric cars are:

[x] Someone who enjoys paying more for a vehicle
[x] Someone who likes paying more per mile for electric
[x] Someone who is more emotional than logical

Also – have you noticed these cars get better city mileage than highway? I remember they used to reward you for highway driving. Now it’s reversed!

(Not kidding when I was suggesting finding a used VW TDI model. They will start getting really hard to find. Pick one up today before other people discover this “one neat trick!”)

hybrid cars ford - Who are the ideal customers for hybrid cars?

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