Hoboken flooding FAIL! {“fixed”}

Hoboken “fixes” what they screwed up (storm drain)

Earlier this month – we demonstrated once again how inept the city is – that they can’t even manage simple projects like this wacky “sidewalk safe space” they were constructing downtown. Someone “forgot” about the storm drains, which lead to flooding and precarious pedestrian predicaments.

Well, this morning, they were ripping up the cobblestones and “fixing” what they stupidly failed to do in the first place.

Government inefficiencies on display! Remember that the next time you cut your quarterly property tax check to these dopes.

Hoboken fixes storm drain they failed to install - Hoboken flooding FAIL! {"fixed"}

Another Hoboken flooding FAIL! {making things worse!}

Note to city nincompoops: The next time you spend a fortune on eliminating parking spaces to “beautify” a street (in lieu of lowering property taxes), CONSIDER INSTALLING STORM DRAINS!

WTF is this flooding fail downtown??

We already said the sidewalks were perfectly fine. So the city tries “to do good” by making everything “safer,” they screw up, the road floods after a passing spring rain shower, now pedestrians are sprawling all over the place – even MORE in danger than ever before!

We’re reserving a spot in the Hoboken Hall of Shame for this one…

Hoboken Flooding Fail downtown newark street - Hoboken flooding FAIL! {"fixed"}

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Don’t forget the multiple corners on 1st street they tore up, took days on end to finish(2 workers working with 4-5 “supervisors” watching) only to tear them up again two weeks later because they were not at the right incline.


With no democracy what do you expect? Which readers are taking a stand against their corruption?


I’m convinced now that city jobs, like those for TSA airport screeners, are a make-work program for the otherwise unemployable, with these being for friends and Family of the politically connected.


I was actually going to send in a pic of this, but you beat me to it! Absolutely classic (and sad) example of the complete incompetence, mismanagement and corruptmess of the dopes in city hall. We can complain all we want, but at the end of the day these people deserve to either be voted out and/or in jail.


The Zimmer morons have been doing this all over town. They put in new sidewalks and pitch them all toward the corners. But the corners don’t have catch basins anymore! The pitch in the sidewalks causes more water to rush to the corners, hence the increase in intersection flooding after just some passing showers. What a bunch of idiots!!!