Crossing Guard training in Hoboken

Is it really necessary to train a crossing guard?

The city was out on 5th Street with a gaggle of yellow-jacketed “crossing guards” in training this spring.

First thought that came to mind was – is it really necessary to “train” someone to perform the task of directing traffic for pedestrians on what amount to “easy” roads?

I can imagine a little training is necessary for someone, say, to manage traffic near the Holland Tunnel or large event. But a side street in a mile square city?

Wouldn’t the training achieve the same outcome if they just gave these guys a pamphlet with a few bullet points?

At worst, if they have trouble reading – a 3 minute YouTube video would also do the trick, wouldn’t it?

(If anyone could have used training – it’d be the person who sits in that corner office at city hall…)

crossing guard training in Hoboken NJ

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Yes, it is very necessary. The crossing guards especially on Willow aren’t good. They don’t pay attention and slow down the bus route and traffic. This morning a cop jumped in on 9th & Willow and the traffic was moving great. I wish that would happen more often.