Maifest in Hoboken

Maifest in Hoboken {Pilsener Haus}

Maifest is to Spring, as Oktoberfest is to Fall (at least in Germany!) And starting May 7, 2016, Pilsener Haus & Biergarten (15th & Grand) is celebrating the arrival of the warm weather will all sorts events throughout May. See below for various Pilsener Haus Maifest activities!

Maifest Hoboken Pilsener Haus 2016

Pilsener Haus Maifest food & event lineup in Hoboken

Pilsener Haus, “NJ’s most traditional biergarten,” will celebrate with:

As well as an Authentic Menu. Enjoy an Austro-Hungarian feast all month by acclaimed Chef Martin Schaub, including Pork Shenk, Suckling Pig, Smoked Roasted Pork Ribs with Jicama, and much more!

A lively roster of traditional music, jazz & rock:

In the past, they’ve had specific events for the kids too, but we’re not sure if they’re doing that anymore. If that changes, we’ll let you know!

Read more about the event (as well as their Asbury Park Biergarten) below!



In Spring of 2016, guests at Hoboken’s Pilsener Haus and its sister biergarten Asbury Festhalle can welcome warm weather with a traditional MaiFest, kicking off in earnest with keg-tappings and live music the weekend of Friday May 7th, and running through May 31. When the founders of Pilsener Haus & Biergarten opened their doors in August 2011, and followed with its sister the Festhalle in February 2015, their ambition was to present truly authentic European biergartens to the beer lovers and diners of New Jersey. On the heels of Oktoberfest, the biergarten festival best known to Americans, Maifest looks to be another vibrant and time-honored festival of beer, food and music.

Throughout the month, Pilsener Haus’ Chef Martin Schaub and Chef James Avery of Asbury Festhalle will offer very special Maifest Menus. Garnering wide acclaim for the quality and authenticity of their cuisine, these biergartens have become New Jersey dining destinations, and both Chefs are eminently qualified to bring special Austro-Hungarian Spring dishes to the biergartens. Menus will include Roasted Suckling Pig, Schweinshaxen (roast pork shank), special spaetzles, salads, and desserts.

Domestic and imported Maibock beers will be the special seasonal offerings during MaiFest: the maibock style is a helles lager brewed to bock strength, but lighter in color and with more hop presence. It is a refreshing beer, frequently associated with springtime and the month of May. NJ brewer Ramstein’s Maibock and premium imports Hofbraü and Hacker-Pschorr will be available. There will be a special Ramstein keg-tapping at the Saturday May 7th Hoboken kickoff, along with the popular masskrugstemmen (mug-holding contest). At Pilsener Haus, guests can also toast Springtime with a Radler de Blanche de Brussels, a housemade lemon sorbet/beer cocktail.

Music is as much a part of MaiFest as the food and beer; located in towns with reputations for music, each biergarten has staked its place as a venue with unique weekly offerings. Maifest performers will include the biergarten-friendly Adlers; 4-time Grammy-nominated Polka Family Band and their old-school party music; New York’s Bavarksi, Pennsylvania rockers John Stevens & Doubleshot, and Mountain Xpress (see above for dates).

Asbury Festhalle will also hold a StrasseFest (street festival) under a giant bier tent the weekend of May 20-22, with stein-carrying, best lederhosen/dirndl contests and more live music. A Maifest Bier Run will commence at 10am, Sunday the 22nd, with prizes for male and female winners.

“Authenticity at Pilsener Haus is foremost. Chef Martin’s special menu, the Maibock beers and the music will transport our guests to springtime in the traditional biergartens we’ve known in Europe,” states owner Ladi Sebestyan. Festhalle’s partner Jennifer Lampert echoes these sentiments: “Our over-the-top Oktoberfest last fall was a perfect indication of what guests can expect from us this Spring!” Guests at the biergartens’ communal tables, in the bier halls and in the breezy biergartens (on the rooftop in Asbury) will find a Maifest experience that biergarten-goers have enjoyed for hundreds of years. Pilsener Haus and Asbury Festhalle continue to build their reputations as unique dining and entertainment venues for New Jersey.

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