HPU Hypocrisy 5/4/2016

HPU Hypocrisy: Ignoring offending city vehicles… again

They other day, I saw an HPU money cart shuttle drive right past this obviously illegally parked city vehicle on 4th Street. It belonged to the “carpentry division” which I’m surprised the city even needs these days since they outsource practically everything else… but I digress.

I stupidly checked the van, and of course found no ticket.

Once again, the city shoves it in ALL of your faces that those “rules” are NOT for the safety of the general public, only for your MONEY! But you’re too busy swiping on your social media feeds to give a crap.

HPU Hypocrisy Hoboken Carpentry Division 4th Street - HPU Hypocrisy 5/4/2016

About Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy of the Day
The HPU Hypocrisy of the Day is a photo feature on Hoboken411.com.

Created out of need – this section features the blatant hypocrisy in the Hoboken city government. Get this – Parking “laws” were created under the guise that it is either for “safety of residents, drivers and pedestrians,” or to “make parking more fair for law abiding citizens.”

The city, however – VIOLATES those very same laws. The bottom line is THEY DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT SAFETY. They just want your MONEY.

You frustrated with the hypocrisy? Caught them on film? Simply email Hoboken411@gmail.com with your photo, location and sorry story!

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 12:30 am

Why do you keep pointing these things out? Everyone accepts that the city can fine everyone and do what they wish. Is there any point. What do you expect to change?

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