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Amazon Prime – parking in intersections

We mentioned a few months ago how tons of Amazon Prime delivery vehicles are out and about in Hoboken on a daily basis.

Most of the time we spot them, they’re either too close to the intersection, or double-parked.

Hey, I can get by no problem. And Amazon truly is the the most comprehensive shopping site in the entire world.

Does the fact that Amazon parks pretty much wherever they want affect your loyalty to them? Or does it not matter, as long as you get your goods as fast as humanely possible?

Amazon Prime Parks illegally in Hoboken NJ

Amazon Prime Parking Hoboken NJ

Is Amazon Prime Same Day hurting local Hoboken businesses?

May 2, 2016:

Amazon Prime Same Day delivery has been available in Hoboken for a bit.

They even have free 2-hour “Prime Now” for selected items (with an up-charge of $8 to get it within a frickin’ hour! NYC only.)

And while it’s great for the residents to get probably the lowest price delivered later that very same day – what kind of implications does this have for Hoboken businesses?

  • Does it take yet more business away?
  • How about the illegal parking as pictured below?
  • Will this cause UPS rates to go up because they might be losing business too?

I’m just glad that “drone delivery” probably wouldn’t work in a city…

Amazon Prime Same Day Hoboken

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