Food for Thought: Love Disasters?

Food for Thought: Do politicans LOVE disasters?

You know, even in the worst situations, some people truly benefit. Like natural disasters. Some that come to mind are building contractors, car repair shops, doctors, charities and so on.

But one particular group that stands out is politicians: They absolutely seem to love disasters! (Same could be said for any gov’t employee that might benefit, i.e., overtime, etc.)

One of the best examples is Hurricane Sandy. They’ve been beating that drum at full volume since. Press conferences, grants, and much more as they ride the coat tails of a natural event.

The politicos get to stay in the spotlight using the fear tactics of “another 100 year storm,” and drive revenue to themselves or their friends, as well as gain support from the lemmings at large. Like the most addictive drug, they cannot get enough.

I can bet that most of them are writing speeches well ahead of any predictable disaster as well (dreaming of the attention they would get), and would be gravely disappointed if a “forecasted” major storm misses their particular area.

That is psychopathic (like most politicians are.)

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