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Peter Cunningham sent me this press statement today on behalf of himself and Dawn Zimmer. As always, I accept submissions from any City Council member who wishes to reach the largest audience in Hoboken.


Cunningham & Zimmer on the budget

Hoboken City Council Stands Up to City’s Fiscal Irresponsibility

Yesterday’s special meeting of the Hoboken City Council marked a turning point in managing Hoboken’s City finances. The Council finally took a stand against the on-going financial deception by the Roberts’ Administration by voting NO on a cap waiver for spending. As a result of this vote:

  • Mayor Roberts and his directors will be required to provide accurate financial records to the State, under penalty of perjury.
  • The Healthcare of City employees will be protected by removing the incentive to delay payment for healthcare costs from one year to the next.
  • The City of Hoboken moves itself on track for fiscal responsibility by requiring that this year’s obligations be paid from this year’s budget.

Unfortunately, due to poor management and outright deception by the Roberts Administration, the reality of City overspending and the need for a substantial tax increase is only now being discovered, in the last month of the year. This will place a severe and totally unexpected burden on Hoboken’s most vulnerable residents.

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(Cunningham, continued…)

To address this tax hardship, Councilman Peter Cunningham, and Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer are recommending to their Council colleagues that the interest rate on late payments of 4th quarter taxes be sharply reduced from the current 18 percent.

They propose changing the rate to nearly zero on the additional amount only, or if that is not possible, to 6 percent for the entire 4th quarter payment.

“We hope to keep the rate on these payments reduced through the end of 2008 in order to provide time for hard hit residents to make the required payments,” Councilman Cunningham explained. “We ask that our council colleagues join with us in this effort.”

“By taking this strong action now, we will finally start to get spending and taxes under control for the future,” Zimmer added. “I also believe Mayor Roberts was planning on hiding expenses and developing his way out of excessive expenditures. The result is overdevelopment, which is not fair to anyone in Hoboken.”

Taxpayers should know that the taxes they will have to pay in the 4th quarter this fiscal year are substantially higher than what their taxes should be on an on-going basis after the second quarter of the next fiscal year

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