Bloody rare steaks are the BEST!

Better than vegan: Bloody rare steaks! {vegan graffiti}

bloody rare steaks trigger warning - Bloody rare steaks are the BEST!


Did you know that a nice bloody rare steak has more overall nutritional value that a leafy green mixed salad? Yeah, do some research! Live longer, and be in better overall health by eating like the carnivore you and the rest of your (human) friends are – genetically.

Anyway, you know how screwed up this country is becoming has become when you have cry baby snowflakes needing counseling after reading “Trump 2016” written in chalk on the sidewalk. Yet those very same snowflakes can soil your soles with stupid messages about vegan shit.

There was some “vegan graffiti” over near the little league field last week.

vegan graffiti hoboken NJ - Bloody rare steaks are the BEST!

As well as some down by the PATH this afternoon… Good luck tracking that chalk dust into your freshly cleaned condo. It was probably made with dehydrated animal bones to boot!

vegan graffiti litters Hoboken NJ streets about vegan lifestyle - Bloody rare steaks are the BEST!

Hmmm… can you think of some things that would cause “OUTRAGE” if they were written in chalk? Or considered “HATE SPEECH?”

Screw this hypocrisy.

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