Dixie Chick found a home!

7/29/2008 Update:

Another dog success story!


Dixie no longer homeless

“I just wanted to send you a wonderful update that Miss Dixie Chick has been adopted! Although it took longer than I had expected, Dixie has been adopted by a wonderful family whom have her best interests at heart. Dixie left Hoboken Unleashed on Friday afternoon to go to her new home. I have since heard from her new family and I am happy to report that Dixie is adjusting extremely well.

I also wanted that send gracious thanks to Hoboken Unleashed for giving Dixie a place to stay and a chance for a happy life; And to M. Avery Designs for making Dixie a new ‘Adopt Me” vest when her old one fell casualty at the dog park; and finally, thanks to Hoboken411 and its readers because without your support, Dixie may not have been another success story to write about.

Also, to those who are curious, the adoption fee that had been asked for Dixie was 100% donated to the Liberty Humane Society (Dixie’s new family actually made a donation for twice the adoption fee after hearing the fee would be donated).

Keep up the fantastic work!!!”


Meant to post this a while ago, but the dog was supposed to have been adopted. Unfortunately, her chance at a real home fell through yesterday. So she’s still available for adoption! Contact Hoboken Unleashed, if you’re interested.

Help Dixie find a real home

“So, I am following up on my previous email regarding Dixie Chick. Although we had all thought Dixie was set to be adopted on June 1st, her adoption has been stalled and Dixie is still living at Hoboken Unleashed. She spends at least one night a week at my apartment, in order to give her a little break from the kennel life, but, sadly, she has still not found her forever home.

Dixie Chick is one of the dogs taken from a local animal shelter and was saved by the volunteers. When she first left the shelter, she tested positive for parasites that were stealing all the nutrition from her daily diet. After several weeks living at at local volunteer’s home, receiving proper vet care and lots of TLC, Dixie Chick was healthy enough to check in to Hoboken Unleashed.

Dixie Chick has been at Hoboken Unleashed for over a month now and she is ready for a home of her own. I take Dixie Chick for walks everyday and she always looks forward to playing fetch at the Church Square Dog Park. Dixie has met so many wonderful dog owners around town who always ask me if she has any potential adopters yet. I am sad to say, not one person has come to fill out the application. It is so sad because I know she would do well in most homes.

While Dixie is waiting for her forever family, she spends 1 night a week at my apartment (so she can receive a full night of belly rubs on the couch). I wish she could spend more nights there but my little rat dog is not very fond of other dogs coming to our apartment (my rat dog stays at the daycare when Dixie comes to visit). I know for a fact, Dixie is 100% house trained. She is more likely to bust than have an accident in the house.”

So what do think? Any takers?

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This is wonderful news!!! Hooray!


I am so happy to hear that Dixie got adopted. How great of Hoboken Unleashed to take care of her and work to find her a good home. Kudos!


I take my dog to Unleashed and was surprised that with all the people in and out of there she remained homeless for so long, but I think it’s awesome she was adopted. Thought about it myself, but c0uldn’t afford private school for 2 “kids”. :mrgreen:


Dixie is just wonderful! She is sweet, getting very good on the leash, respectful of adults/children/strangers, and would really benefit from more consistency in her life. She would be a wonderful addition to any home!


poor dog– someone will adopt her. I wish I could, my landlord won’t allow me to have another dog and I am going to moving across the country in October. She looks really sweet!!! I know my beagle was adopted and she is a wonderful dog- adopted dogs just want to be loved!!!