Who controls you?

Who controls you? {don’t relinquish!}

We recently published yet another version of our cell phone virus / addiction / is taking over the world post. I’m amazed at how fast the “heads down” constant viewing of (what are essentially) tiny screens of just “data.” Whether it’s from your friends, or trendy outlets of some kind, it doesn’t matter. The aggregate has taken control of the majority of the population. (Hence, why a post like this will resonate with only a few clear minds.)

The psychological effects are profound. It’s a complicated multi-faceted conundrum to say the least. How opinions are shaped. How trends are established. How agendas are pushed. It’s almost like a real-world board game (hello Aetha Game Cafe!)

The modern digital world has a few benefits (including the ability to freely publish independent blogs like this one). However, the “modern digital world” also comes with a scary amount of astounding downsides.

Like any “group” endeavor – the pack begins to separate as “power” is achieved for whatever reason. For example, why tech giants like Google, Fakebook and Twatter have gobbled massive portions of the usage compared to other alternatives. You don’t think they have a top-notch team of marketing specialists? And those are not just run of the mill ordinary employees. Nope. They’re king of the hill when it comes to shaping human behavior. Sounds fucked up, because it IS. When you peel back the layers, and shed euphemisms, it’s 100% about manipulation. That’s right. Manipulation of the pliable human mind. (Hello Fakebook manipulation!)

Meet Rachel McGovern – Poster broad for being controlled

rachel mcgovern twitter profile - Who controls you?A couple times a year, I dare to find out what people are digitally communicating about. I don’t know their reach, or how effective all this non-stop communication is, but my human curiosity gets the best of me, and I waste time observing.

I stumbled on a nice looking girl named Rachel McGovern. She has a few hundred followers, and has sent out about 8,000 tweets in five years. That sounds like just four tweets a day, but it appears her recent cadence is around 10 or 12 a day. She opines. No sweat.

But her profile reads: “Proud Florida Gator. Politics, sports, and sarcastic musings. I’m a strong independent woman, so obviously my thoughts are my own.”

Let’s quickly dissect that part by part:

“Proud Florida Gator.” Translation: Successfully indoctrinated by my collegiate indoctrination center. “Politics, Sports and sarcastic musings.” Translation: Nothing deep or important to talk about. In fact, incapable of it. “I’m a strong independent woman,” Translation: The whole feminist movement scored another victim. “so obviously my thoughts are my own.” Translation: If you need to preface your whole life with that, don’t you see a conflict of some kind?

See, I feel bad, this person (like 95% of others JUST LIKE HER) are byproducts of this horrific and destructive echo chamber that has gotten out of control.

Take a look at what this girl spends her time talking about – and tell me you don’t see a problem or a curious pattern:

Rachel McGovern loves Hillary - Who controls you?

Rachel McGovern mentally unstable about hillary - Who controls you?

Who gets excited about that?

Rachel McGovern idolized Beyonce - Who controls you?

Rachel McGovern is immersed in pop culture - Who controls you?

Rachel McGovern is addicted to TV - Who controls you?

Idolizing celebrities and television shows?? Ain’t that a sign?

Rachel McGovern likes killing babies - Who controls you?

Loves abortion, I guess.

rachel mcgovern hates personal comforts - Who controls you?

Hates personal freedom?

Rachel McGovern believes in climate change - Who controls you?

Thinks climate change is real…

Rachel McGovern hates guns - Who controls you?

Hates the constitution too…

Anyway, I didn’t pick this girl for any particular reason other than she “fit the mold” I’m referring to. People who are like sheep or lemmings that share many of the popular trends, and yet complain when things don’t go their way… It’s almost like robots. They’re like 95% “properly programmed” but have an idiosyncratic “glitch” 5% of the time, which boils down to their un-controlled (or “un-edited”) parts of their real personality.

Seriously – don’t toss that idea out right away.

Look at the bigger picture.

You have a good chunk of society parroting (most) of the “trending” or consensus opinions, but you get tiny glimpses of individuality in some too. Seems out of character. Like the programming was not uploaded entirely.

These types of people are incapable of hearing alternative or differing opinions, get “triggered” easily, use the “moving goal posts” mentality when they’re losing an argument, and just simply never move forward mentally. Just because they’re stuck in a mindset. With no desire to explore reality.

So who controls you? Have you thought about it?

Back to the intention of this article.

I just highlighted what I believed to be an accurate representation of what nearly perfect social conditioning is (minus the 5% that “didn’t take.”)

And while many people I talk to say “let it be, they’re not bothering anyone…” I have to disagree. It’s important to see what “the masses” are up to – because there is power in numbers.

There are many external forces out there trying to turn you into income for someone else.

Whether it’s politics, sports, religion, celebrity, fitness, nutrition, or just about anything that has some worth to someone.

By turning off the TV and doing our own thing (not on the computer either) you can see what’s happening around us much clearer.

Just some food for thought today…

who controls you - Who controls you?

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