Ford C-Max: Features (good and bad)

What are the features of the Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid?

Okay, today we’re going to skip the hype portion of what this car is – and just talk about the various features, implements, and so on.

What we like:

  • Cup holders (good). Most American cars can facilitate storage of massive iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Turning radius. Impressive on it’s own, but expected for a shorter non-performance car.
  • Logic. Most controls were intuitive, as well as the rest of the (non-technology) aspects of the car (like seats, latches).
  • Windows / doors. For a “safety conscious” vehicle it fared pretty well when it came to glass, and view-ability. Surprising in fact. Maybe it’s the fact we’re tall.
  • Visibility, headlights. The road was easy to see in almost all conditions (except near the huge pillars in the front windshield.) The headlights on our model were beyond effective. The bright lights might have even been criminally too bright. No wonder I’m bent out of shape when people forget to turn their High Beams off!
  • The car never failed. We’ve driven it XXXX miles so far, and it has never let us down.

Ford C Max interior dash - Ford C-Max: Features (good and bad)

What we dislike (or could do without):

  • Ford spent 10 times the pages in “coverage” in the user manual on how to ask for “sports scores” via the internet-connected voice-control SYNC screen than how to effectively operate the hybrid car. That bugs me tremendously. Cars are meant to be transportation, not entertainment hubs. One of my biggest worries about society.
  • No real center console, but the comfort level was fine, and the fact it had good cup holders compensated.
  • The touch screen console in the center of the dashboard requires NO finger nails AT ALL. Are you a girl? Or are you an environmental tree-hugging guitar player? Forget about it. You cannot use that display with anything other than perfectly super-short finger nails.
  • Interior space. There are smaller cars that have twice the interior space (cargo, passenger or otherwise) at a much lower price. The hybrid technology comes at a cost that are beyond “monetary.” No one could sit behind me if I’m driving!
  • Slightly cheap feeling in areas. The seats were okay, as well as other aspects like doors or hatchback covers. But other parts of the vehicle were very cheaply made, plasticky, etc.
  • Handling. The car is just not meant to be driven half a notch above “grandma.” Both from a fuel-efficiency standpoint and performance standpoint. Drive slow like an obedient little slave, and you’ll be A-OK in this car!


– Self-parking. I would never opt for this feature because it removes skill from the human toolbox. You think I needed any help parking in this spot? Took longer with the auto-park feature!

Ford C Max self parking - Ford C-Max: Features (good and bad)

– Some have said that the “SYNC” system has come a long way. Sure, that’s fine to say – but I wonder about how complicated or unneeded that whole system is. Sure “linking” your phone to the car is helpful, but it’s a standard feature in almost all cars these days. To Ford’s credit, it worked without any effort.

– Looks. Until you graduate into the upper-echelon of cars – most cars look similar these days. I think they all stole secrets from the German auto manufacturers. (Sounds eerily similar to other points in global history).

We’ll talk about economics in more detail in an upcoming post.

Ford C Max Hoboken viaduct - Ford C-Max: Features (good and bad)

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