HangoverLyte forges ahead in Hoboken

We stopped by to say hello to the guys behind the HangoverLyte project over at Stevens Institute last week during their “Innovation Expo” (i.e., senior project showcase).

What a great bunch of guys they were. You’d think a progressive school would be filled with identical and obedient students, but that was not the case. Conservative, capitalistic minds still exist, even within the millennial generation. (They were business majors).

HangoverLyte Crew Stevens Institute Hoboken NJ - HangoverLyte

We chatted about their inspiration, and the obstacles they faced – and they seemed to be handling the situation quite well. I encouraged them to forge ahead despite any opposition.

When asked about how this product is “dosed,” they suggested simply drinking a pint directly before bed. As “the body processes ingested food and drink in the order in which it was received.”

Interesting anecdote. Prior to this final expo, each senior team had to partake in an “elevator pitch” for their project (with awards given to the top teams). During HangoverLyte’s presentation, one Stevens Science Professor inquired about the exact ingredient composition, and one student said “It’s a proprietary blend, if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. They scored a 2 out of 10 due to that “offending” remark. Somehow the science professor conveniently forget it was a common line from many movies:

I got a taste of the prototype and it wasn’t bad (think: flat orange soda). But with ~ 20g of carbs per pint, I just couldn’t stomach much more. Because we personally think that sugar is one of the main conspirators of a bad hangover… but the good news is that they’re working on a sugar-free version too. Hopefully not artificial sweetener – which is quite possibly the most toxic thing you can ever put in your body. Even worse that real sugar!

I asked if they truly “reverse engineered” the PediaLyte brand of pediatric Electrolytes – and they sort of did, but added additional ingredients (such as phosphorus).

They have many roadblocks ahead to gain entry into the highly competitive world of beverages – but you never know. They might one day be a household name. Good luck guys!

Experiment: Do electrolytes really work?

After hearing about this drink – which was inspired by baby juice meant for vomiting and diarrhea, a light bulb went off over my head. Maybe PediaLyte is truly a hangover cure too?

So I went to the store and bought some pediatric electrolytes to see if I drank a pint of it before bed after a night of heavy drinking, would I feel okay the next day? See below for the results.

Jury still out on electrolytes for hangovers

Let me start by saying that pediatric electrolytes have half the carbs the “HangoverLyte” version does. Which is promising.

I didn’t want to spend the money on the “name brand,” so we bought an organic version which claimed to have the same supplement values, just cheaper, organic and about 6g less sugar per quart.

What’s the verdict?

Well – it’s hard to say…

pediatric electrolytes for hangover limited success - HangoverLyte

The first two nights we tried it, we thought we stumbled on a hidden artifact in the jungle. Wow! The next morning we were as “good as new!” Despite the 10g of carbs and sugary solution, it seemed to work (i.e., had NO hangover despite 2 bottles of cheap wine drained through a dirty sock).

However, it seemed to only be effective for the short term – as the third consecutive night of drinking netted NO benefit at all, and we felt like shit all day and night long. Worst ever, in fact! Perhaps there is a set of limitations on how many electrolytes you can consume before they stop helping.

Every time you think you’ve “cracked the code” something comes along and ruins the party.

Hopefully these guys can truly put an end to that quagmire that has plagued society once and for all!

So what are the best hangover remedies?

Other than “not drinking” or “only have a glass or two” (of whatever), mankind has been searching high and low for the hangover remedy. But perhaps it’s always existed?

For one, I know someone who ties one on EVERY NIGHT of the year (good luck for their future liver), and they are NEVER hungover. Their secret? A TON of water right before bed. We’re talking a quart or more of water… maybe even half a gallon. Then apparently they wake up early, pee, drink more water then get a couple more hours of Zzz’s. Never seen them hungover. Ever.

But what about those electrolytes?

I suggested to the kids at Stevens that maybe “boosting” said electrolytes such as Zinc and others prior to drinking would help (along with boosting again before bed), but they didn’t seem to find merit in that option. It is my thought that if drinking “depletes” important electrolytes, then how can it be bad to “supercharge” them prior to drinking? Who knows. But the kids at Stevens seemed to stress the importance of the last ingredients that enter your body before bedtime.

If you can’t indulge in baby electrolytes, maybe these are good hangover remedies?

Take supplements like zinc right before bed, along with copious amounts of water.

What amounts of water work best? We usually strive for “18 gulps” which is the equivalent (on average) to 24 ounces of water. The more the better.

Eating has never helped me do anything other than have digestive hell the next day (especially after I remember what I actually ate).

I’ve even heard “herbal” remedies also help restore balance to some degree – but cannot remember the names. Probably better off because most of that stuff is psychosomatic anyway.

Hangovers may just be a symptom of human progress and forgetfulness.

HangoverLyte created by Hoboken students – meets politically correct bullshit


Fact: Whether you like it or not – people drink alcohol. And yes, even under-age kids drink them in college (or even sooner).

(As a side note: The fact that some people somewhere decreed what people can do to their own bodies and when. They also decided at what exact moment you will be able to make those decisions for yourself. If you agree with most of the de facto “rules” out there – then you probably shouldn’t read this or anything else critical of “the way things are…”)

So some kids over at Stevens Institute (you know it’s an engineering / technology school) decided to try and create a drink that would prevent hangovers (or at the very least make them as bearable as possible.) They came up with HangoverLyte – which is basically just “reverse engineered Pedialyte” (a common remedy for ailing kiddies.) Their drink is supposed to “cure” the common hangover. (See below for info about their launch party TONIGHT.)

They even wanted to approach the United Greek Committee (UGC) which represent the 16 fraternities and sororities on campus.

But they were met with a full-strength politically correct wall because they felt having any connection to “nefarious” activities such as alcohol consumption would be “perpetuating stereotypes.”

(Aren’t stereotypes false?)

In addition, the UGC said that a product like that “promotes destructive behavior and presents Greek Life in a negative light.”

(Geez, if they think a fruity drink that helps hangovers PROMOTES destructive behavior, I can only wonder what they think of beer or vodka.)

You can read the weak criticisms from The United Greek Committee here.

HangoverLyte cure for hangover lyte Hoboken NJ - HangoverLyte

What has happened to ingenuity and balls?

Every person on that United Greek Committee needs to have their heads examined, as well as find something else to do.

I haven’t read such a horrible piece of politically-correct garbage in a long time.

People that can’t handle opposition or fun! They are progressive leftist snowflakes for sure without a doubt.

Whenever you see words like “betterment,” “charity,” “volunteering” and “stereotypes,” your bullshit radar should be on full strength.

Then they refer to the bitch slapping they received when the students who created this drink basically laughed in their faces by saying “LOL, Yeah, OK.” They were labeled as “rude and dismissive.”

Yeah, okay is right.

The thing is – you need to follow the money and “cui bono” (who benefits by taking a stance against a great idea mankind has struggled with for ages?)

The Greek organization is obviously threatened in some manner – or that some kind of money, status or other “thing” would be taken away from them if this hangover cure becomes associated with them.

HangoverLyte Launch Party tonight

HangoverLyte is having their “Launch Party” tonight at 7pm. Just head over to the Hoboken Bar & Grill downtown to check it out.

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