Washington Street K-turns

What’s up with Washington Street K-turns?

I’ve seen Washington Street K-turns before – but it seems to be happening much more frequently these days.

It’s not only dangerous, but completely inconsiderate for oncoming traffic.

What do you think the cause is?

The absolute mess that parking in Hoboken continues to be? (with no improvement in sight.)

Or is it the rise in narcissism that is the result of non-stop selfies and “important” crap that is only a personal timeline of minutiae?

People worry about the stupid planet, or starving kids in third world countries before they think structure, order and common sense applies to them.

The need to get that precious parking spot by any means necessary trumps all.

K-turns on washington in Hoboken NJ 1

K-turns on washington in Hoboken NJ 2

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Try a four point turn on Willow one block from the most dangerous 14th and Willow intersection – in order to get into rear end parking when the driver crosses from the opposite lane.