Ticketed out of Hoboken?

Is the city driving (good) people away?

The city of Hoboken has so many draconian parking “rules,” yet no problems ever seem to get solved. About the only thing that seems to be going well is the massive multi-million dollar revenue stream direct to city coffers.

Imagine what all that money could do if it went to local businesses or just stayed with the residents and visitors? Maybe we’d have a few less shuttered businesses if the city didn’t rob individuals for bike lane paint.

Anyway, one Hoboken resident seems to have had it with all the parking shenanigans. See letter below.

Hoboken ticketing out of control

Letter: It may be time to move out of Hoboken

“I‘ve called Hoboken home for a little over 10 years now. I bought my place 3 years ago which made me feel like a local rather than a transplant. When I first moved to Hoboken, I had a car that was not registered in my name and had NY plates so Hoboken wouldn’t give me a permit. I was lucky enough to meet (former) councilwoman Terry LaBruno who helped, talking to the right person to grant me a parking permit as I was a resident with only 1 car. Of course, 1 year after they granted me this exception, without warning, they booted my car. Apparently my permit expired and they would no longer allow me to get a permit.

Since then, I’ve had a car drowned in Hurricane Sandy and countless number of parking tickets (some deserved while others are outrageous). I fought some and won and just paid others because it cost me more to fight than it does to just pay. Now that I own, and have a car registered to me, and I parking permit, you’d think I’d have no issues, but what happened this week may be the last straw for me and it might just be time to move.

I took my 1 year old daughter to Disney World for the first time. A 6 day vacation. I parked on a Thursday night on Jackson between 3rd and 4th on the east side of the street where the sign‎s clearly state No Parking Thursday for street cleaning. I land Wednesday night, no problem, right?


I get up Thursday to go to work and find my car is gone. Hoboken had kindly put up temporary no parking signs in while I was away and then towed the car. ‎I still don’t even know the reason for the temporary signs, but the idea that they can do that with less than 1 weeks notice is asinine. I had to Uber to the towing company, pay $160 for the tow, $65 for over night, and $25 “admin fee” (whatever the f that is). You’d have to add 4 pct if you didn’t have enough cash on you. Oh, and a $38 dollar ticket for my convenience.

Parking authority tells me that you have to check your car every 48 hours or its abandoned. Someone show me this law and more importantly, show me where residents are made aware of this. If they are going to enforce this ridiculous law, how about they start ticketing bikers for no helmet, or riding on the sidewalk, or going the wrong way down the street? Won’t happen… not profitable enough for the organized crime syndicate known as the HPU. Tony Soprano would be proud.

I am going to fight this and will probably waste my time and lose, but either way, I don’t want to live in a place that’s governed by criminals. Honest hard working residents have no chance survive in a place like this.

Don’t even get me started on the mess they are making on Newark St., or how long it takes to get a hand gun license in Hoboken …or …or…. or…..

Future former resident of Hoboken.

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