What is “BEING” today?

How many of you have thought about the simple aspect that you, as an individual, are “alive?”

That you’re a living being, traversing the earth, with the main intention of staying alive even though you had no choice to be born?

There are what, seven billion humans living on this planet at the moment?

Depending on the “hand you’ve been dealt,” (which is family history, locale, health, conditions, etc.), each new human born these days either has a great hand, average hand or in many cases a really shitty hand. But the only way to “fold” in life is to kill yourself.

But life is not a poker hand to the end. Not to most, at least.

Mirrors are useful for many purposes

look within instead of a mirror - BEING.Mirrors (of any kind) have been around for thousands of years.

But thankfully to the technological revoulution, more people than ever do not get profound use out of them.

Why do I believe that?

Because of technology, societal controls, and other external influences that steer humanity… People don’t understand the TRUE mirror.

The mirror is useful in both a physical, functional manner, as well as a philosophical manner. You can essentially “talk to yourself.” Or for better practicaility – truly look at yourself beyond the physical state. Look within yourself in that mirror.

This goes beyond the physical state of reflection, to the mental state of reflection as well!

  • is it just how you’re perceived by society?
  • DO you only care about what you “look like” superficially?
  • What do you gain by positive feedback? Does it only hurt to be enamored?
  • What next?

Society is the new mirror and has steered a populous

One thing comes to mind: How when someone or group of people see something nice or amazing – they do not feel it counts for anything, unless they digitally “share” it with someone else (anyone practically) that “reacts” to what they experienced personally.

I feel bad for those people who attend concerts, or gaze at beautiful vistas or skylines – and cannot just experience it for themselves without that gadget.

Being alone, not sharing – is almost considered “taboo!”

being - BEING.

Why personal goals and individuality have lost meaning

Notice how everything is “group” based now?

Learning how to paint. Fitness. Charity. I could go on.

I can see with my own two eyes that the individual is on the way out – and you absolutely MUST be in some kind of herd. “The Lone Ranger?” Dead to most.

Now that individuality is (almost) dead in a social world – what next?

I know I’m not the only one that feels this way – as there are others that have recognized the almost brazen assault on the “individual.”

Thankfully, not all is lost. While that concept is “down for the count,” it still has a pulse, and it hopefully is getting stronger as more and more people do indeed look into that mirror to see what they’ve become.

One by one people of all ages (not just the more experienced elders) are “waking up” (horrified and embarrassed) to see how they’ve been steered in one direction or another. Not all can find the inner strength to acknowledge that – but I can bet that many of you out there have some kind of tingling feeling that something just isn’t right.

Or you could just continue looking down.

Food for Thought Tuesday Hoboken411 - BEING.

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