Bicycle Cry Babies

Bicycle cry babies everywhere

Maybe these bicycle cry babies running around should be riding tricycles instead? Holy mother of God!

This poor excuse for a man “went nuts” over this short video showing cars driving slowly and respectably in Hoboken. He was “MAD” that the cars didn’t come to a complete stop, and that the Hoboken Police officer didn’t financially punish anyone for essentially doing nothing wrong.

“But those are the rules!” said NYCbiker, who also set a kindergarten record in 1995 for “most tattles for coloring outside the lines.”

“NYCbiker” also re-tweeted to the Mayor, the Police Chief, etc.

bicycle crybaby NYCbiker Hoboken NJ 1 - Bicycle Cry Babies

bicycle crybaby NYCbiker Hoboken NJ 2 - Bicycle Cry Babies

bicycle crybaby NYCbiker Hoboken NJ 3 - Bicycle Cry Babies

There are other videos of cars driving slowly and carefully in Hoboken as well. I can only imagine what eating dinner with this dude is like.

bicycle crybaby NYCbiker Hoboken NJ 4 - Bicycle Cry Babies

This is a classic example of a “SJW” that should just shut the fuck up and get a life.

But then again you should have seen this coming, based on the fact they also love comic books and Batman Lego sets.

Children in adult bodies is what we have roaming the earth in this latest generation. God help us all (and stop blocking those moronic bike lanes STAT!)

bicycle crybaby NYCbiker Hoboken NJ COMICS - Bicycle Cry Babies

bicycle crybaby NYCbiker Hoboken NJ LEGO - Bicycle Cry Babies

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If it is a repeat offender with a child on board get it on tape. You will get so pretty quick response from the state.


What can we do about the cyclists who ignore traffic rules:Failure to stop at stop signs, failure to stop at red lights, failure to ride with the traffic, not against it, failure to yield to pedestrian. The same rules of the road that apply to automobile drivers also apply to cyclists. When was the last time anyone saw a cop issue a ticket to a cyclist?


Here’s the thing: They *did* do something wrong. They broke traffic laws by not coming to a complete stop. You may think stopping at a stop sign is optional but, sadly, people have died because someone rolled through.

We are a city – an urban environment – that has scores of people walking and biking (and we have more pedestrians than cars). And when you take your drivers test in NJ, you are asked who yields to whom and it’s vehicles that yield to pedestrians and cyclists. So that means in this town, drivers are going to do a lot of stopping and starting. Get used to it. And if you can’t, you’re living in the wrong place.

I’d flip the equation and say drivers are cry babies for not being able to follow their own laws and are self-righteous in their reckless behavior. And though we all need to be careful out there, the HPD *should* be enforcing traffic laws to make sure our community is safe from these maniacal drives who put lives at risk.


Ignoring traffic control signals, vehicles riding on side walks, emergency vehicles forced to ride against rode diet restrict street, extreme sports on sidewalks– all contributors to the perfect storm leaving drivers, bikers and pedestrians frazzled at best, dead in too many cases.