Hoboken Week in Review – 6/1/2008


Another week in the books.

As always in Hoboken (and Hudson County), the mud slinging gets pumped up a few notches around election time. Political factions, in-fighting, false rumors and more, demonstrate what’s wrong with politics (and people) in this area as we know it. I for one, cannot wait till this Freeholder election is OVER. Then a brief respite as it’ll get seriously worse as we approach the Mayoral election in 2009. Watch as has-beens come out of hiding, supporters jump ship and switch sides, and lies outnumber facts.

But I digress. Here’s your weekly snapshot of the hot topics in and around the mile square.

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Here are the Top 10 new, bumped or re-treaded postings this week that had the hottest overall discussion in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. LaBruno back in the news
    More nonsensical news about the soon “retiring” police chief, his whopper of a payout, and how the city has nothing to say about it.
  2. Action!
    Another infamous “shovel digging photo op” as the Mayor will be on hand for the ceremonial groundbreaking at the new Clearview Cinemas site.
  3. Mini-Mini
    Quite possibly the smallest car ever has a home in Hoboken.
  4. Special meeting number 1
    The first of several emergency budget meetings was a waste of time (you heard that phrase first, here on Hoboken411).
  5. City council nightmare
    Original buzz still going strong about Hoboken’s embarrassing budget mess.
  6. Believe me, nothing FREE about it!
    Most folks still don’t know enough about where 1/3rd of their tax dollars go. Which is why it’s important you VOTE this Tuesday.
  7. Is endorsing a candidate important?
    When it comes to the next layer of government above ours, some don’t think so. Others feel differently.
  8. Ramos makes an endorsement
    Councilman Ruben Ramos likes Anthony Romano in the Freeholder race.
  9. Block Party: On, then off
    Newest realtor in town John Cupo tries to throw a free party. The city denies him.
  10. Mmmmm, Pizza!
    Hoboken resident Scott Weiner educates people on where the best pizza in NYC is.


BUSY Sunday

LOTS going on in Hoboken today. Take your vitamins, adult diapers, and extra tissues, as this is one busy Sunday!

  • City Council: Special Weekend Edition
    Don’t forget, TONIGHT at 7pm, round 2 of the “lets hurry and cover up our mess” meeting to try and get the nearly one-year late budget up to speed. You might want to attend if you pay property taxes!
  • Secret Garden Tour 2008
    Called on the street: “My backyard is better than yours.” Check out your neighbors fancy landscaping TODAY!
  • OLG Funfest
    Go down to Our Lady of Grace Church for a load of fun. Crafts, vendors, zany puppeteers, and most importantly: Beer.
  • Even the kids can have fun today
    Head over to Goldhawk with your kids and entertain them with the Fuzzy Lemons. Oh, and you help the 100’s of thousands in need over in China.

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