Luxxe Coffee Espresso Bar

Luxxe Coffee Espresso Bar – 307 1st. St. – Hoboken, NJ

Dames Coffee became Luxxe Espresso Bar in 2012.

Luxxe Coffee Espresso Bar Hoboken NJ

Description – Espresso and Cappuccino specialists
Address – 307 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201)795-1535

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9/26/2008 Update:


While seemingly complex and “incompatible with the world,” I’m truly not a complicated person. Well – maybe I’m a bit complicated, but not nearly as “high maintenance” as you’d suspect. I have “my ways” but they’re exactly that – my ways. And they rarely infringe on other people’s boundaries.

So coffee to me serves two major purposes: the caffeine supply – and intestinal stimulation. So typically, any cup of coffee will satisfy me if I choose to drink it. Flavor is usually not the highest priority – until now.

With that being said – perhaps you can say I’m not a coffee connoisseur – as I don’t delve into the subtle complexities of various beans, brews and methodologies. (Although I did highly recommend the “Toddy” cold-brewing coffee system – but I digress).

Dames Espresso – One of the best in Hoboken!

I’ve stopped by Dames a couple times – usually for an iced coffee. Always flavorful, strong, and satisfying.

After visiting Zebu Forno the other day, I dragged Hoboken411 reader Deb to Dames Espresso for an “after drink.”

I asked Dames owner Borah what made her coffee so special. And without getting into the play-by-play steps on how it’s made – you essentially get a “double” shot for the same price as most would charge for a single shot. It’s all about the pressing process and how smooth the taste is.


For today’s experiment – we ordered a couple cups of Cappuccino to taste. My quick single bullet point summary:

  • – Incredible. Milk to espresso ratio perfect. Ideally balanced. Didn’t really need sweetener – but I added recklessly.

Here is Deb’s take: “Rich, smooth and flavorful. The perfect combination of espresso, milk and froth. A mug of Dames’ cappuccino is to be savored and enjoyed, sip by sip. In an instant, my mind was taken to Italy (or at least Little Italy in the Bronx). Plus, I got a heart swirl in on top which could only mean one thing: it was made with love. I will definitely return to Dames!”

So for those that either don’t live nearby or just want to explore the java-possibilities in town – please swing by and give it a shot. The steady stream of satisfied customers can’t be that off-base, right? (I believe, however, the cuteness of the staff had something to do with male/female customer ratio!!)

However, my one gripe is: Hey, I’m not sure I care whether you can drink caffeine after a certain hour or not – but isn’t 6 or 7pm a bit too early to close???



Hoboken411 reader Eric noticed this new business coming. He sent a cameraphone pic in, and said:

“It’s located between Willow and Clinton on First st. next to Paramus Meats. Looks like a small space inside, enough for maybe a table or two. More or less intended just for foot traffic. It’s a great addition to this part of Hoboken, especially for me, I’m a coffee nut.”

We need more places like this (especially with the Starbucks multiplying like rabbits)!


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The ladies of Dames are awesome, and the coffee and the croissants are delicious. And thanks to my delayed (fume) commute on the bus today, I was able to drink a whole cup before I boarded.


Was walking along 1st street, yesterday, and was SO glad to see that Dames was still open for business. I ordered one of the best lattes in Hoboken from this place. It was just delicious!


Tough “off the beaten track” location from local businesses and the PATH – but just had a latte today and it was excellent – better than Legal Beans.


[quote comment=”108468″] … no matter how good a cup of coffee is, i wont want to hold it when im commuting to nyc. too much of a hassle[/quote]

You can bring in your own super-anti-spill-sippy-mug and they will fill it up at a small discount. Might make your commute easier.


tried their coffee for the 1st time today and it is definitely better than DD and starbucks. but no matter how good a cup of coffee is, i wont want to hold it when im commuting to nyc. too much of a hassle