Academy Bus now hiring

Academy Bus now hiring in Hoboken

Need a job? Well, Academy Bus here in Hoboken is hiring. They’ll even pay you a $2500 sign-on bonus.

For starters, you need a CDL license. Don’t know what that is or how to get it? Well, CDL stands for Commercial Drivers License. Head over to the NJ MVC site to get all the details on what it takes to get your CDL license.

academy bus sign on bonus - Academy Bus now hiring

Would you like driving a bus?

Driving a bus might be fun for some people.

Ordinary commuter buses which could be interesting to observe the mix of shlubs on their way to work – you’d also have to deal with the riff-raff as well.

But Academy does also provide charter buses, casino buses, long rides between NYC and Boston, and even down in Florida.

Fill out an application on the Academy Bus website or call (201)420-7000 to give it a whirl!

Academy Bus now hiring Hoboken NJ - Academy Bus now hiring

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