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Jefferson’s Coffee – Hoboken, NJ

A couple months ago a new coffee shop opened up on the floody west side of town adjacent to the Shoprite… A place called Jefferson’s Coffee.

“Growing up with his grandmother’s coffee -fresh roasted to taste- Jeff developed a fine palate. Unable to find coffee like his grandmother’s in Jersey, he purchased a “Jeffersonian green” roaster and found the best spot for its home on Jefferson Street in Hoboken, NJ. Jefferson’s slogan tells it all: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Good Coffee.”

Not much you can say about a corner coffee shop these days… Their coffee prices are sort of in line with the newer “feel good” places ($6 for a large cold-pressed coffee?) but way more than diner coffee that’s for sure.

Jefferson's Coffee Hoboken menu

Will Jefferson’s Coffee survive?

I always wonder how places like this profit each month. And what I mean is that after overhead – how many coffees do they need to sell to break even? What are their profit margins? How do they manage spoilage, etc.?

The previous places didn’t last too long, and can the supermarket really give them enough traffic? Or will they try and expand ASAP before expenses bring them down? Some folks seem to have figured it out I guess.

And with more and more independent coffee shops opening in the area (like Black Rail for instance) – how does that dilute the market without putting someone on the ropes?

Time will tell, but hey – they’ve lasted two months already. Good start!

Jefferson's Coffee Hoboken interior

Description: Coffee shop
Address: 1000 Jefferson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-253-0617

Jefferson's Coffee Hoboken NJ

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