Nextbike Photobombs Hoboken

Hoboken scenes spoiled by Nextbikes {photobombed!}

Those fugly Nextbike bike racks are sprouting up in so many places all over town (it’s like an invasion of illegal immigrants).

It’ll get to a point where there won’t be many places you can photograph in Hoboken without these racks photobombing your pictures.

“Oh how nice, a memorial for those who fought for us… Shit! Ruined again by those bikes!”

nextbike Hoboken photobomb 1

“Hey look at the historic Lackawanna Plaza… DOH! Ruined by bike racks!”

nextbike Hoboken photobomb 2

“Isn’t the architecture in that old Hoboken bank building downtown neat? Fugggg! There are those bikes again!”

nextbike Hoboken photobomb 3

Not to mention when the going gets tough for those bad boys – the shiny, happy supporters of those social contraptions are nowhere to be found…

Oh well!

Nextbike trashed during Hoboken blizzard

wind smashed nextbike rack in Hoboken NJ 1

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Looking at the original design documents of historic structures one can confirm that consideration was given for entertainment and sports components but were rejected because the they were not fitting w the design intents and furthermore would detract. Does the City admin and council care?


No jokin. Everywhere!