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Where do shirts and dry cleaning go in Hoboken?

Dry cleaners in Hoboken are nothing of the sorts. No dry cleaning going on. They’re basically just counters with racks and cash registers. Sometimes they might have a sewing machine. That’s about it for 95% of them.

I bet most people don’t think about the whole process behind how the clothing they bring to the dry cleaners goes elsewhere.

Some wholesale places just launder shirts – others specialize in the chemical (and now organic) dry cleaning. Other smaller dry cleaners that actually have the equipment also do wholesale work for little places like in Hoboken. But there’s no easy way to inspect these operations that run the the shadows of industry in NJ and NY.

For those who work out of town, you don’t typically get to see these in-and-out deliveries which happen during the day. Two spotted recently were Top Shirts out of Hackensack, NJ and Blue Point Cleaners in Fairview, NJ.

top shirts hackensack NJ

Top Shirts in Hackensack, NJ

So it’s possible that each dry cleaner in Hoboken sends them to a different wholesale factory. They might even use more than one each, or change them often. How do you find out which places are the most reliable?

Or if you happen to like the quality of one wholesaler – how can you see which outlets they work with?

A big mystery for sure, and it kind of stinks you can’t really form a relationship with the people doing the actual work!

Best bet? Don’t wear clothes that need professional cleaning!

Top shirts laundry hackensack NJ

dry cleaning Hoboken blue point cleaners fairview nj

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