Now with even less parking

Less parking in Hoboken {that is progress?}

As the population swells in Hoboken, the clowns at city hall are making it harder and harder to get around. Instead of adjusting for capacity, they crunch everyone with even less parking than before.

They think that by nudging you into bicycles, you’ll get rid of your car.

No. They’re probably making more and more sensible people consider moving to better cities. The foreigners buying up the real estate haven’t caught on yet.

We’ll see what happens down the road!

less parking in Hoboken

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I appreciate the usual, “this is divorced from reality” nature of Hoboken411, but on this one, I think you are divorced from reality – with nearly 2x the number of people comparing now to when I moved here we have no choice but to make sure Hoboken is moving in the direction of edging cars and parking out – because we can never EVER have enough parking as we get to 2.5 and onto 3x. We have to have alternative thinking. You have no Gd given right to own a car or have a place to park it. It takes moments to bus or bike around this town to run errands, shop, eat out. The lack of parking isn’t killing businesses, that is a red herring, it is the lack of innovative and differentiated businesses that causes them to die off. Read your own blog – it isn’t that a falafel place cant exists, it is that 50 of them cant. Do an experiment, time how long it takes for you to go from home to the pharmacy via a car vs. via foot vs. via a bike and there is no comparison.

Hey, I own a big old sedan that burns a heck of a lot of dead dinosaurs, so I am no greenie, but I do know logic when I see it; cars in dense urban centers are bad idea.


Fewer parking spaces, more vacant stores on Washington St. and the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce (is there one?) sits silently by as the Mayor and her cronies slowly but surely are killing businesses in this town. Doesn’t anyone have the guts to stand up to those morons in City Hall?