Music Spotlight: Lloyd United


While taking a short break over at Goldhawk earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Lloyd Gold of Lloyd United (it was open mic night.)


He was outside tuning his ukulele, and I was interested in the sound. We got into some impromptu beat-box jams, then he even played Stairway to Heaven.. It’s a neat sound for sure!

“Lloyd United is a refined mixture of the following cultural accretion: Brit-pop, Sun Sessions, Disco, Irish pub anthems, Lord Byron, Aesthecism and Norse Mythology. They have psychedelic, wah-wah-drenched ukulele riffs, the likes of which have never reverberated through the halls of rock history.”

They’re playing at Maxwell’s tomorrow night at 8:30, along with Tall Days, Walking Lights and The Fave. $8 at the door.

Listen to “Lord Byron” below.

They’ll also be appearing on June 11th at the Block Island Music Festival.

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