Aether Game Cafe

Aether Game Cafe Hoboken – 519 Washington Street

Interesting new business opened up at 519 Washington St. (was a dental office previously)Aether Game Cafe.

Aether is also a game created by Armour Studios a few years back…

But Hoboken’s Aether Game Cafe is interesting because it’s all about board games!

“At Aether Game Cafe, we have a library of board games for you to play in store, a variety of food and beverage items to select from, and hope to soon host a variety of events and tournaments.

Our guiding philosophy is that we want to create an atmosphere where all people are welcome. We want every customer to feel appreciated and valued. Whether you’re a hard core gamer or just looking to try something different as a one-off occasion, let us assist you in having a great time. Our library of games ranges from light, casual play to heavy, intense play, and our staff can help you in selecting a game that matches your interests.”

They have classic games like chess and checkers, Battleship, Clue, Risk Scrabble – and more modern games like Coup, Dominion, Pokemon, War of the Ring, and many others. Not sure what the rental charge is per game / hour.

While I recall having board games in the house when we grew up – I guess a lot of people just don’t anymore – hence why Aether Game Cafe found a niche. Definitely a refreshing change to the string of pedestrian businesses in town.

Description: Board game cafe
Address: 519 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

Aether Game Cafe Hoboken NJ 519 Washington Street - Aether Game Cafe

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