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7/1/2008 Update:

Now featuring weekly walking tours!

hoboken-new-york-scotts-pizza-tours-logo.jpgScott says: “When I started my New York pizza tours two months ago, I was amazed at the incredible response. I quickly received accolades from FOX 5, the Daily News, Epoch Times, Gothamist and several other metro-area publications. Shifting gears a bit, I’ve decided to expand my business to include walking tours of the city’s historic pizzerias and pizza-related locations. This Wednesday begins a summer long schedule of 3-hour walking tours through pizza history, starting at the country’s first pizzeria: Lombardi’s!

NY walking tour serves slices of history


  • “The newest and tastiest tour in town”FOX 5 News
  • “You have to admire someone who has thrown himself so enthusiastically into his work, his mission.”Garden Plate Magazine

Among the endless array of NYC walking tours, there is only one that concentrates on the city’s rich pizza culture. Scott’s Pizza Tours, proud operator of the NY Pizza Bus, is proud to announce the launch of the first ever New York Pizza Walk. These 3-hour tours meet every Wednesday at 11 AM in Little Italy, beginning July 2.

The tour combines history, technology, culture and of course, PIZZA! “It’s the perfect summertime excursion,” explains 26-year old Wiener, who left a position in municipal
government last year to start a pizza tour company.

Scott is proud to be a licensed New York City guide.

What: New York Pizza Tours
When: Wednesdays starting July 2
Where: Starts in Little Italy
Price: $30 (includes all pizza)

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Are you new to Hoboken and want a “Pizza Education?” Or are you sick of the relatively poor choices in town, but are unsure of where to go in New York City?

Well Scott’s Pizza Tours is your solution.


Guided Pizza Tours from a Hoboken resident

Hoboken resident Scott Weiner created “Scott’s Pizza Tours” recently, and has been receiving some good press from outlets such as the Daily News and Fox 5.

“Scott Wiener is a weathered traveler who has searched far and wide for great pizza. He developed a deep appreciation for New York pizza while traveling cross-country, noting both delicious and abysmal pies in his Pizza Journal. While some gems did pop up, nothing quite matched the quality of the pizza back home.

Pizza soon became an obsession, as Scott’s beloved Pizza Journal provided empty pages that begged to be filled. The media even took interest and Scott found himself in Las Vegas, judging twenty pizzas for Pizza Today Magazine’s International Pizza Expo in 2007.

New Jersey’s Garden Plate Magazine says “Call Scott Wiener what you want — crazed, possessed, in serious need of a life — but you have to admire someone who has thrown himself so enthusiastically into his work, his mission.”

With this mission clear, Scott has made it his duty to deliver the people to the pizza. Armed with a NYC Sightseeing Guide license and an unstoppable hunger, Scott is ready to share his favorite slices with you.”

Pizza tours run every Sunday, and the locations vary weekly. Has anyone tried it yet or is planning to?

Just posting this made me hungry!

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Is that the parking ticket guy?


[quote comment=”85468″]We are planning on relocating back to Hoboken this summer. We’ve been in Tampa for almost 5 years and can’t wait to get back “home”. My wife and I really missed Grimaldi’s, we used to go every Friday night. 7 Star used to be a favorite for late night after drinks, someone saying it’s better now after they remodeled, makes me anxious to get back there sooner. It’s hard to find good pizza anywhere in Florida.[/quote]

Welcome back! I went to college down in Tampa and I completely agree. Although there was 2 delivery places in N Tampa that delivered to USF which had good drunk pizza…5 star and Gumby’s. Not sure if they’re both still around, but nothing down there compares to NY area pizza. There was one decent place in Ybor, but I don’t know if it’s still around, Demi’s Market? It’s mainly a bar. But I haven’t been there in about 8…

My vote for pizza around here is Napoli for pies and Roasrios is good for a slice or 2.


Matt, I once had the pizza at that place and it was very good.

I don’t eat pizza very often, but I would go back there.


[quote comment=”85525″]So all of the pizza places in Hoboken are crap, but Pizza Hut is awesome and should open up in Hoboken?!

Are you guys for real?[/quote]

If we get a chain pizza joint, I vote Papa Johns……LOVE THE HOT PEPPERS!

That being said, I hate chain pizza and will eat just about any pizza made in town over chain pizza (except that hole in the wall place on 9th over by Willow – that place looks very sketchy…..)


So all of the pizza places in Hoboken are crap, but Pizza Hut is awesome and should open up in Hoboken?!

Are you guys for real?