Do you FOLLOW or find your own way?

Woke up this morning, and saw yet another email from “Twitter” suggesting that we should “follow” this or that person, business, or organization. They send them several times a week.

We delete those emails every time.

Yes, has a Twitter account, and yes, we automatically publish each post we make on Twitter. But just because we do that doesn’t mean we cannot be introspective about the whole process.

But thinking about the “stream” of data that is Twitter – does anyone ever equate it to spam? Like voluntary spam?

follow twitter - FOLLOW

Social media addiction – why?

Think back (if you can) to the early days of “email.” Email was like your own personal post office box. You gave out your email address to friends, and eventually businesses you purchased things from.

It was only a matter of time before those businesses (and other sites) used those “connections” to try and make more money.

Then, lists of valid email addresses got bought and sold to marketers, and before you knew it – you inbox was filled with crap they dubbed “spam.” Everyone hates it.

But isn’t Twitter pretty much SPAM too?

Argument: Twitter is “curated” content…

I’ll agree with that argument on the face – that if you choose to “follow” anyone, that you think you’d be inclined to accept their postings. Except when it gets excessive…. (I’m sure you’ve all been witness to that…)

But don’t you see that “following” people on twitter is the same as receiving unsolicited email? Or a lot of people on rooftops shouting at the same time. At least with email it’s just headlines, whereas with twitter you see the whole message and photos / video. Doesn’t looking at all that all day hurt your head?

The more people you “follow,” the more messages that appear in you “timeline.”

I can imagine if you follow 1,000 people – that a good chunk of them will have something to “tweet” about over the course of a day…

But why?

What does Twitter accomplish in reality?

Twitter and similar “streams” of data are interesting to observe (as a communication “evolution.”) It believe it works in a few very isolated circumstances – but is a cluster-fuck of mis-information in most all others. Like if the sushi place was tasty one time out of 20, and food poisoning the other 19 times, why would you keep going back?

Sure, some businesses claim that it helps get the easily distracted to spend money? Just another way to send that psychological marketing out to the masses?

I just wonder how this will affect humanity down the line. Why aren’t more people questioning?

So many people essentially trust and “rely” on this social medium – without actually knowing anyone that’s posting whatever (information, opinion, etc.).

There is so much room for error – that I find it astounding that Twitter and similar services survive. And even more unnerving is how this evolves and what comes next?

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