Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid / Electric Car

For review: Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid / Electric Car

Here’s a little announcement.

Hoboken411 was fortunate enough to be selected by the Ford Motor Company to do an extended road test of one of their “Energi” hybrid / chargeable cars.

We had a choice between the Fusion and the C-Max. We initially chose the Fusion because it was more like a sedan that we’re used to driving, but they eventually delivered a C-Max to us. No big deal. Our 6’4″ frame fits fine.

So later this week – we’ll be sharing our opinions about this car.

Note: We thought long and hard about partaking in this review. As many of you might know, we’re not “fanbois” of hybrid or battery-operated cars – for whatever reason.

However, we chose to leave out opinions at the door – and truly spend a month screwing around with this device that has garnered the attention of millions of people. In an open-minded manner.

So later this week – you’ll get a dose of our “first impressions,” perhaps an initial review of the “car” itself… And we’ll delve into further details as we’ve used the car more later over the next 30 days.

Thank you to Ford and ASG Renaissance for allowing Hoboken411 to provide an honest, real-world road test for the new Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid.

Ford C-Max Energi Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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