Future Sign {graffiti}

Future Sign of the times – Graffiti & Parks

We already know that even high-profile waterfront parks in Hoboken attract graffiti taggers.

How about in the more sketchy areas of Hoboken?

Like the “Southwest Park” (one of “mayor” don Zimmer’s original campaign cornerstones). It went from a “slam dunk” state-of-the-art 6+ acre oasis, to now a (still not even close) sub-one-acre postage stamp of a garbage dump.

And if something has to be a poster-child of things to come – perhaps the fact that they’re already tagging graffiti on JUST THE SIGN for the dwindling park makes a good candidate.

Imagine once all the fancy what-have-yous get installed? Prime stomping ground for up and coming vandals who might very well live a stones-throw away.

Like a slow-motion trip down a flight of stairs this whole debacle is. Sigh.

Hoboken SW Park Graffiti

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