Dog Discrimination!

Dog Discrimination in Hoboken!

Have you seen that “new” fire hydrant they installed over near 5th & Court Streets?

It’s a solid foot, foot and a half TALLER than all the other fire hydrants in Hoboken.

Why’d they make it so tall?

In fact, this discriminates against midget dogs, and gives preference to pretty much Great Danes only.

This is a travesty and must be reported to the authorities! Someone start a petition or a GoFundMe page to enlist others to piggy-back on this senseless act of dog discrimination!

Dog Discrimination Hoboken NJ

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It’s so you don’t fall over it while walking and texting. this way you can simply walk smack into it and regain your composure more quickly. Zimmer is courting the texting voting block. Expect to see more of these around town.
She is also working on a plan that will see the installation of sensors on corners to alert you as to when a car is coming. These devises will alleviate that pesky problem of having to look both ways before crossing the street. This device will also be helpful to those Moms who, up until now, have had to push baby strollers out front at intersections to test whether or not it will be safe for them to cross.


They have to be able to find them when it floods. ;^)