Geese problems in Hoboken

Hoboken has never-ending geese problems

Like clockwork, the “geese police” are patrolling various areas of the Hoboken waterfront – to combat the never-ending geese problems.

Sometimes the geese even cause motor vehicle hazards as they clog up the roadways too.

Two such companies that come in only to temporarily fix the problem are Wild Goose Chasers and the Geese Police.

They’ve also tried dog cutouts in the past that didn’t work, so is there any solution to this conundrum?

Or do you just deal with the problems and chalk them up as a sacrifice for having such a great view?

geese problems

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geese problems in Hoboken NJ

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Geese are flying rats and they are dangerous – you city idiots have no idea what a goose can do to a kid if it wants to or feel threatened. Geese have incredibly sharp serrated bills and talons. I do not think we should be playing nice by scaring them off, we should be euthanizing them.

Before the “renovation” of the Tea area, me and my pal used to walk our larger dogs up this way and the geese would run in fear, they were gone for a while, until all the “aint that cute” people came.


leave the fucking geese alone and go buy a triple-wide stroller on amazon….you’ll feel MUCH better!!


There geese are a by-product of the We Hate Dogs Campaign. The cutouts were the shape of shepherds. Dogs keep the geese in check. People leaving food around invite geese.