Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

Swaths of eyesore “sewer graffiti” in Hoboken

Had to update this post again.

You ever wonder why they’re doing this? Beyond what they want you to think as the reason why? (Hint: it has something to do with social conditioning…)

For one, many sewers in Hoboken had utilitarian signs / messages about no dumping already.

dump no waste drains to waterways - Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

This progressive graffiti makes it sound like the majority of Hoboken is treating the sewers like kitchen garbage disposals. How is that even possible as some of the grates are so slim you’d be pressed to get anything bigger than a peanut down the drain.

sewer drain Hoboken NJ - Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

You think they’re going to allow this “sidewalk B.S.” on Hudson Street uptown and other upscale areas? And what happens when the paint chips and fades? Who’s going to maintain after it gets that distinct “ghetto” look?

They want you to conveniently forget one fact that when it floods in Hoboken, Millions of gallons of untreated RAW SEWAGE goes straight into the Hudson! Yep – YOU are to blame for the pollution, not them!

You’ll never see them painting messages about how over-development is probably lending a huge hand to our infrastructure woes.

Boy oh boy, that crying Indian from the littering commercials is probably laughing his ass off at this as we speak.

Hoboken drain graffiti mystery paint pollution your fault - Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

Mystery Paint for sewers are PSA “no dumping” collages

4/11/2016 Update:

Solved: The mystery paint near select sewers in town are indeed “artsy” paintings that try to guilt people into not treating them like trash cans. Apparently done as part of a school system project from what we understand.

But this brings up a few observations:

  • One of the messages says: “This Can Happen.” What are they trying to imply? You can get crabs from a can?
  • Another message shows a cigarette in the water. What are they saying? One cigarette is not enough for six sea-critters to share?
  • So, (we mentioned this before), toxic paint is okay, but don’t hurt the “cute” aquatic life? Seems a bit ass-backwards.
  • Lastly – if they re-instituted ordinary GARBAGE CANS in tactical locations throughout the city, perhaps we wouldn’t need such PSA eyesore messages to save the turtles and crabs.

no dumping sewer hoboken nj - Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

WTF is up with mystery paint by Hoboken sewers?


Jeez Louise, the property taxpayer fleecing continues! Have you seen that new mystery paint popping up near Hoboken sewer drains around town?


What exactly (now in 2016) is the need to paint white sections above and near ordinary sewer grates / drains in town?

Are people so fucking stupid they need something to “alert” them that something else might be forthcoming?

Did some oblivious schmuck inadvertently get tripped up by one (while on their smart phone) recently?

I think this road / sidewalk marking epidemic has reached an all time high.

Color-coded curbs. Moronic bike lanes. Thermoplastic paint. “Sharrows.” Bollards. What has happened to common sense and general awareness?

Why does a governmental body (Hoboken’s and anywhere else) feel the need to coddle the populous with bullshit like this?

Use your imagination to vision where this can (and eventually will) lead.


Then again, perhaps these paint jobs signify something else, as they were not painted on each sewer. It’s quite possible the paint is meant to identify some underlying infrastructure (like a main valve, connection point, etc.) Heck, it might have been some kind of efficiency found by Suez?

So our rant might be premature – but still necessary to demonstrate how micro-managed things are becoming in general. Especially with just traversing around town.

In the end, these painted corners haven’t infringed on me yet – so I guess it is what it is (until it costs someone more money at some point in the future.)

Carry on!

mystery paint jobs hoboken NJ sewers - Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

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The contaminants from just one small flood probably exceed 100 years worth of litter in the drains.


Holy smokes – this is a great project for neighborhood kids to send a positive message and brighten up our town while doing so. Must you complain about EVERYTHING in this town? Just move already if you hate change so much!


Been on the fence about these missions, but I’m also starting to ask why as well. Who does this benefit? I’m under 30, and can find no one in my peer group that asks the same questions. They just go along with almost everything thrown their way.

I’ve heard that images are one of the most powerful influencers out there. This may be a prime example.


I like the happy paintings. We need them everywhere in Hoboken. What’s not to love about a positive message?


Saw some kids and an adult painting a corner today. They said it had something to do with keeping Hoboken green!!! None of them could explain much. Saw them across from Empire Coffee. What a mess! Is this another asinine idea coming from those morons in City Hall?