“Making the list”

Is “making the list” all that important or necessary?

I’m sure you’ve all see these stupid lists. Or “listicles” as people have dubbed them. 10 places you must visit. 18 best towns for singles. Best towns for NJ families. 22 top cities for stealing a car and not getting caught. You get the gist…

And each time one of these lists comes out (regardless whether they used some bogus “methodology” or not), someone BITCHES about not making the list or where they “ranked.”

Half the time these people who make the lists do them arbitrarily as well – like this 12 best main streets in New Jersey.

They listed Hoboken’s Washington Street as #5, but didn’t even have a photo of Washington Street! Lackawanna Plaza? WTF?

People fall for it every single time.

depressing top list - "Making the list"

Lists have a magical spell on you

Humans love comparing. They like “ordering” things. It’s part of who we are.

But everyone has their own lists.

See, I could care less if someone didn’t agree with my favorite cut of meat. Or my preferred place to hang out. Which is why we shrug out shoulders at these lists.

None of these publications really have any true authority at all. Yet the majority of people get flustered if the list disagrees with their own feelings.

Like they were “wronged” in some fashion.

I just find it fascinating that those lists get a majority of the people every time, with very few peeling back any layers whatsoever! In the end the “listicles” are purely what they also call “clickbait.” Clickbait articles are created because they have a psychological affect on most people – who cannot refrain from “getting sucked in,” and are more designed to generate revenue than be truthful or objective. It’s an amazing phenomenon among human beings, isn’t it?

Do you let the lists affect you? Are the lists even remotely interesting? Or could you live without them?

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