Block Party NOT this weekend!

5/29/2008 Update:

Just got back from a long walk, and stopped in to Cupo Real Estate to see how things were going.

Block Party Canceled

Apparently, there were some “conflicts” or something along those lines (possibly with the “International Film Festival”) and the Block Party has been postponed at least 30 days. Not sure if it was traffic/parking concerns, or police staffing issues.

Will update you as news becomes available.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.


Those “staying behind” this weekend will be in for an unexpected treat!


Cupo Real Estate Block Party

John Cupo, owner of Cupo Real Estate has decided to throw a two-day block party to “celebrate” Hoboken’s bustling real estate market and to inform, feed and entertain Hoboken residents free of charge!

This event is being held downtown near the PATH station, wrapping around near Lackawanna Plaza and up to Pier A. Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Cupo had invited the entire local real estate market, along with any other business willing to participate in this spring weekend event. Real Estate-related businesses ranging from contractors, mortgage brokers, banks and insurance agents to other local entities such as restaurants, fitness centers and beverage companies will be on hand.

Those attending the shin-dig will be provided with live music and refreshments, as well as ‘dogs and burgers from Biggie’s Clam Bar. You can keep the kids entertained with nutty clowns, fun activities and even an inflatable bounce house.

Entertainment includes The Fabulous Singers, Devlin Drive, Vinnie Ferrone and other bands and performers.

New to Hoboken, Cupo said he is excited to throw such a large event in such a short time. “Hoboken makes me feel welcome; I’m lucky to do business here, and especially appreciate how helpful the local City Officials have been.”

So if you’re not occupied at the Hoboken International Film Festival, stop down and check it out! It may rain a bit on Saturday, but Sunday looks A-OK!


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[quote comment=”85605″]So what happened to the “block party”? I saw ads for it in the newspaper on Thursday but there was no such thing. What a scam.[/quote]

If you read Hoboken411, you’d have known. :mrgreen:


So what happened to the “block party”? I saw ads for it in the newspaper on Thursday but there was no such thing. What a scam.


Cupo is joke. His so called block party failed because he tried to fund the party by asking all the other realtors in town to contribute $1,000 to the Party while he got all the credit.

But look at all the free publicity that he got at Hoboken411, Face it Hoboken411, Cupo is a fool and he conned you. He is worse than the worse politician you have lambasted. You really only have to look at his mean and ugly face, that tells the picture more than anything words can describe.

He thinks he can fool the public by throwing money around, but it’s all built on sand. He operated his office out of Starbucks for a year and now all of a sudden the makes his big move. Where was he all these years, he used to be a broker, hmmm what happened.

He is no good and a liar, His ad states that he has 50 full time agents. That is an out and out lie. You have been to his office, or should I say abandoned luncheonette. Where and who are these 50 full time brokers.

He is pathological. Stay away stay very far away from this man.


[quote comment=”85224″]Uh – why would you want a beer garden at those bars? You want them to shut down 11th street and put the beer garden by Helmers where you can get a GOOD beer.[/quote]
No beer snobbery. :mrgreen:


[quote comment=”85151″][quote comment=”85145″][quote comment=”85124″]Hey, if you opened your real estate office in a diner, you’d want to throw a party too.

I think this area of Hudson Place should always be closed to vehicular traffic and just be a pedestrian plaza (including the area where Transit police park). It’s such a valuable piece of real estate that is wasted.[/quote]

And where will the 50+ cars that currently park there park? There really is a shortage of short term parking throughout all of Hoboken so getting rid of that lot just makes things worse. And no one hangs out down there except as they are passing through the area from the mass transit hub to their final destination so turning the zone into some “pedestrian plaza” would be a true waste. It is far too small to turn into a real park (unless you want more playgrounds). Folks that want to linger in a nice open area go to the waterfront park, they won’t hang out in an area surrounded by buildings when the waterfront is so much nicer and only 100 yards away.[/quote]

I think that would be a great idea. You would only have to lose the street parking on the cobblestone.

They could do it just for summer months.
Expand the outdoor seating of the resturants down there or
turn the whole thing in a beer garden.

Move all festivals down there instead of shutting down Washington.[/quote]

Just like South Street Seaport does