Beth Mason supports Ines Garcia-Keim


Now the third entry in the series on City Council endorsements in the three-way, winner-take-all primary for 5th District Hudson County Freeholder. Last week Hoboken411 offered every City Council member the opportunity to send an endorsement letter of up to 250 words in support of the candidate of their choice. Here is Second Ward councilwoman Beth Mason’s response:

“Dear friends and neighbors,

On Tuesday, June 3rd, you have the opportunity to change Hudson County by voting for Ines Garcia-Keim.

Why is the Hudson County government relevant to you? The County consumes over 1/3 of our tax dollars. It controls funds designated for parks and historic preservation, builds and maintains county roads (including several major arteries through Hoboken, especially in the Second Ward) and is supposed to create and execute a regional development plan. Moreover, the County sets the tone for municipal government in our area. As we have all recently seen, Hoboken’s spending is hidden and out-of-control; the same is even more true for Hudson County.


As an independent voice for Hoboken and Jersey City Heights residents, Ines will work hard to make Hudson County’s government the kind that we deserve. I’ve known Ines and her family for many years. She is a person of character and integrity. Ines has always been an active member of the community, and a fighter for the issues important to all of us, including more open space, safer streets and better parks.

As Freeholder Ines will make sure our taxpayer dollars are not wasted, and that we crack down on fraud and waste in County government. This is an important election in an important year. I urge you to vote for Ines, who will best represent the kind of change we need in Hudson County now.

I know she would be honored to earn your vote.

Beth Mason

Hoboken411 thanks Beth Mason for sharing her endorsement. The Democratic primary vote is next Tuesday. It is open to all democrats and independents who will then be registered as a Democrat.


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emarche, I know what you mean. I got the same impression. I guess that’s just how the camera catches her. I saw her yesterday campaigning at the ferry terminal uptown, she’s really quite pretty. (Not that that should make a difference one way or the other, or even merit a discussion, but hey, it’s a blog.)


bottom line Russo is for Pupi and the rest of the connected mob is for Stick with Mason for Garcia-Keim its a no brainer for the reform minded throw the crooks crowd should be voting for…


Why does Garcia-Keim always look like she’s sneering?