Hoboken411.com: 10 years ago

Hoboken411.com “turned” 10 years old today

Not a big fan of anniversaries, but I remember after my first year online, I kind of adopted April 11th as a good enough day to say the site began. Even though it was in development months before hand, it sort of “got going” on (or around) 4/11/2006. Better than the 10th or the 12th, because “411 started on Four / Eleven.” Whatever. Stupid shit.

What was going on back in 2006?

But here’s some interesting tidbits about what life was like back 10 years ago in 2006….

  • George W. Bush was “President” of the United States. (And David Roberts was Mayor of Hoboken).
  • Twitter launched in July of 2006. (Fakebook later in September…)
  • A first class postage stamp was $0.39 (today it’s $0.47 – which was actually reduced from $0.49 yesterday!)
  • The “bird flu” was the current global scare-tactic of the month…
  • New York Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle died when he crashed his plane into a building in NYC.
  • A gallon of gasoline was around $2.80 (about a dollar less today.)
  • Cost for a movie ticket was $7.00 (compared to $12.00 today.)
  • An average plain cheese pizza was $9 or $10 (today $14-$15.) Funny though, Domino’s can still offer those $5.99 deals. How is that?
  • Taxi cabs were $3 a ride ($5 today.) But you can take an Uber to the mall in J.C. for just $6 (Hoboken cab rates skyrocket once you leave city borders.)

And according to some so-called “economic calculators” – to buy what $100 bought in 2006 – you’d need $118 worth of cash money today. Has your net-pay gone up that much? Would your money sitting in a bank account have gone up that much?

We won’t talk about other “statistics” like unemployment or national debt – because who in God’s name can even verify those (most likely fudged) figures?

The same goes for what was “in” (celebrity, music, movies, fashion). Because it’s been cruddy for a long time, no point in comparing historical piles of shit.

Other than that – “Just another day in the neighborhood!”

Hoboken411 10 years ago 2006 2016 - Hoboken411.com: 10 years ago

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Monday, April 11, 2016 9:37 pm

Seems like yesterday. Congrats on the decade milestone. I’ll have to agree time flies faster when we are all distracted.

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