Yep. It’s a little cold.

Cold today. Yeah, so?

They say humans are adaptive, right?

And for the most part we are. Just look at how we’ve “evolved” over the years. Solutions to problems. Innovations. Population growth. Transportation. Finding ways to (temporarily) live in harmony. We should be masters of adaptability and be able to easily handle circumstances that have appeared thousands of times before.

So why hasn’t everyone evolved to fully understand that (and be prepared for) weather that doesn’t always stay within rigid pre-defined parameters over the course of a year?

Why is it so surprising that we might get a warm spell in January – or a cold day or two (or even snow) in April?

I guess most people still need to have that initial knee-jerk reaction (along with the associated “complaints”) before they adapt and (like today), choose to put on a warm coat and gloves and move along with their day.

Hoboken Internet Radio’s Alice Stockton-Rossini got some thoughts from commuters on the street this morning about the chilly spring conditions in Hoboken:

Hoboken Cold Spring Podcast - Yep. It's a little cold.

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