Sidewalk Money Pits {seriously!}

Sidewalk Money Pits in Hoboken {any necessity?}

Does anyone think critically anymore? Or just with the rest of the tribe?

Before the many sidewalks in Hoboken were torn up to make way for “improved” sidewalks – can anyone say they were in poor condition? Or were sinking (like half of Pier A Park is?)


The sidewalks were FINE and did not need improvement. If anything, some of the previous implements (like the banana-peel ramps for the crippled), we’d be happy to see removed.

However, the city is paying to “improve” the sidewalks. Wherever the money is coming from – it’s a total misuse of funds.

Hoboken did NOT NEED to have perfectly good sidewalks ripped out whatsoever. The way they rush these progressive “safety” measures in like a bat out of hell shows the child-like impatience (and attention mongering) from city “officials.”

I mean, let’s say if you have a perfectly good laundry dryer home that is currently adequately meeting your needs – and can respectfully do so for the next 10 years, would you THROW OUT the working one, and spend extra money on a new one that is say, 5% better?


You’d wait until there was an actual need.

Why ordinary people in Hoboken can’t use that one simple trick to determine if an action is warranted, necessary or could wait – perhaps the city would not make such decisions.

But as we have it – people are cheering the spending of their own money on without a clue. Can you believe that?

Sidewalk Money Pits Hoboken NJ - Sidewalk Money Pits {seriously!}

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Historic slate sidewalks were torn out even though the community objected. Not only was there no historic consideration, courtesy of Cunningham 😛the slate was dumped in the garbage rather than taking care to recycle. The City feels compelled to apply for every possible grant w/o due consideration of suitability or consequences.


Wow. You get really cranky at the thought of better sidewalks.

And who uses the word “crippled” to describe people who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and other mobility assistants in this day? Only heartless jerks who want to purposely insult entire swaths of people, that’s who. All the seniors who live in this town benefit from having less steps to overcome. Steps cause falls and are more dangerous than any low grade incline. How could you be against our seniors??

I’d consider this: The previous sidewalks were NOT perfectly good as you assume because they have a higher risk of tripping and falling for our citizens who are most in need. One can argue that they are “defective” by our modern building standards, too. And the pictures you’ve posted are of our most trafficked sidewalks so they reduce this risk for all the visitors who spend money at our businesses in the area. Plus, some of the sidewalks in those pictures weren’t in good shape; they were uneven, cracked, pooled water (which spreads disease), and had missing curbs. They were definitely a safety hazard and looked horrible, too.

So, yes, I can believe my money is going to new sidewalks that are better for everyone and benefit my senior citizens, local businesses, and neighbors with mobility assistants the most. And, yes, I can believe my money is going to making real quality of life improvements that will draw more visitors to our community. And, yes, I believe it’s money spent wisely.