Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar (was Tommy’s)

Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar (was Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza)

Boy, you take a break to check out the Icelandic Aurora Borealis – and shit changes so fast! The owners of the Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza place set to open up at 14th & Bloomfield changed the name on us! To Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar.

I enjoy speculating on why the name change.

Was a name like “Tommy’s” too pedestrian for the trendy hipsters in Hoboken?

Too confusing with other “named” pizza places? Giovanni’s, Johnny Pepperoni, Mario’s – that they had to change?

Maybe some casual market research and comments from neighbors suggested that the name was too long? “Urban Coalhouse” definitely has that “edgy” sound to it. A cool ambiguous name for the ambiguous generation?

To us? The name or label something has doesn’t influence us. The value and quality received is much more important. Let’s hope for the best for Urban Coalhouse nonetheless – trendy sounding or not.

Urban Coalhouse Tommys Pizza Hoboken NJ - Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar (was Tommy's)

Description: Urban Coalhouse Pizza (was Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza)
Address: 116 14th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 292-3388
Online: urbancoalhouse.comTwitterFakebook

Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza coming to Hoboken!


tommys coal fired pizza done right hoboken 14th street puerto spain - Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar (was Tommy's)Last summer we reported that an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza chain was coming to fill the Puerto Spain spot at 116 14th Street (at Bloomfield). We were close… It’s actually a small NJ pizza chain called Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza & Bar.

Tommy’s currently has three other locations in New Jersey: Brick, Paramus and Red Bank.

“Old World Pizza Done Right!

Americans have been enjoying pizza for over 100 years since the first pizzeria opened in New York City. In these early years coal fired ovens were the cooking method of choice with their high temperatures and distinctiveflavoring. But over the course of time, these coal ovens were replaced as electricity and gas became more readily available. Soon after gas and electric ovens became the norm. Next came the mass production of pizza and unfortunately a gradual change in how a pizza tastes until we arrived where most pizzas taste the same.

Today, Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza revives and carries on the “Old World” art of making pizza. Every pizza is baked in a Coal Fired Oven at temperatures up to 800 degrees, providing an authentic crispy crust that enhances the taste of our high quality toppings. Tommy’s is an Italian eatery with a relaxing decor and a full bar with an extensive wine and craft beer selection,. This makes Tommy’s the ideal destination whether you are alone or out with family and friends.”

coal fired pizza - Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar (was Tommy's)

Besides pizza, they have the usual selection of eats – like a selection pasta, heroes, calzones, soups, salads and desserts. We’re believe they’re assuming the liquor license and will have a nice selection of wines from around the world.

And apparently they were voted “#1 Gluten Free Pie” which is something many people might get excited over. Because most gluten-free pizzas suck!

Can’t wait till you open, Tommy’s and best of luck!

Tommys Coal Fired Pizza Hoboken NJ - Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar (was Tommy's)

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