Little Free Library

Little Free Library in Hoboken

Here’s a trend that you most likely will not see take off in Hoboken anytime soon. (But we still think it’s neat!)

On Adams St. between 5th & 6th, a resident fashioned a box with a plexiglass door and attached it to his railing.

The sign reads: “Little Free Library. Take a book, leave a book.”

My guess this would nice to share books with others – and I highly doubt book-readers are the type that are also kleptomaniacs.

However, this is one of those things that stands a chance of getting vandalized by some thug or drunken a-hole for no good reason.

And knowing how things work in our city, it will be a different kind of thug.

The homeowner will receive a summons in the mail for some kind of ordinance violation. Wouldn’t be surprised!

Little Free Library Hoboken NJ Adams Street

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