HPU Corruption {never ending}

HPU corruption and BS continues to this day {cash cow}

HPU corruption in the form of a parking boot - HPU Corruption {never ending}Remember a few years ago how “mayor” don Zimmer and her parking guru Ian Sacs were boasting how they did away with corruption, and made the whole department more efficient and transparent? Well, last week the Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) made news again, as a worker was charged with writing fake parking tickets (under whose direction exactly?)

Also recently the city has once again been ramping up parking boots – relentlessly crushing visitors who just want to enjoy local businesses, like Roger, who was visiting the area from out of state:

“My wife and I had a very nice time in Weehawken recently, and on our way out of town we decided to shop in Hoboken (spent about $150). All was good until we went to our car and found a parking ticket with the charge of “Street cleaning alternate parking.” I paid it, but I did so under protest. It’s my observation that the Hoboken police department or ticket writers are running quite the scam. When we returned to our car and found the ticket I looked up and down the street and not a single NJ car had a ticket on it, which leads me to believe that the philosophy is ticket the out of towners, they won’t come back. As I said, quite the scam.

Be assured that when we tell people to do some of the things we did this past weekend we will include “do not go to Hoboken.”

What do you call that Hoboken racket?

Hoboken propaganda rendering - HPU Corruption {never ending}It’s corruption, “reformer style.”

In other words, they’ve devised a way to keep the “status quo” of standard corruption practices going as well as creating new ways to fleece residents, visitors and workers.

And for the most part, the City can get away with it because the newer residents have busy lives outside of the daily minutiae of Hoboken politics and are heavily bombarded to the point of sedation with propaganda from City Hall.

The City keeps an endless stream of conceptual park graphics and other “cityscape” renderings spewed out on social media so the average person receives over a hundred impressions of “glorious fairy tale” images until their brain actually accepts these images as truth, things they believe are currently being constructed in town.

Of course, we know nothing is being built. Not a meaningful park, no flood mitigation has been instituted (the “mayor” could have easily started that at 1600 park and put a flood basin underneath the soccer field in 2013, but she didn’t…)

Sadly, many residents believe these campaign promises are happening because they don’t watch council meetings or read between the lines — they just hear and see the endless “pie-in-the-sky” propaganda.

Some people are waking up, seeing the truth

Fortunately, other residents are being jolted from their politically-induced stupor by the ever increasing traffic bottle-necking that is occurring all over town at any given time of day.

Add in a couple major water main breaks a month, and the promised fairy tale is taking a bit of a nose dive and these political promises are starting to reek of political sewage with strong undertones of deceit.

Not reformers – They ARE “career politicians!”

zimmer career politician - HPU Corruption {never ending}Even in 2013, the “mayor” was still standing on her soap box declaring herself as the “grassroots candidate,” the pathetic underdog, the only candidate who was not a “career politician.”

Really? She announced she’s running for a third term, it will be her tenth year in office! Eight years as “mayor” and when asked what record is she running on, her only reply was “I improved the city bond rating.” (That’s all she could come up with in a recent interview!)

Again, really? After 10 years in office mooching off the taxpayers, she thinks that’s an accomplishment? Of course she’s a career politician. Jesus F’ing Christ, these days, most people don’t work for a company or stay in a chosen field for ten years.

Ten years at Hoboken City Hall, not only is she a career politician, she’s dead weight that’s costing the taxpayers a fortune in bad legislation, financial ineptness, and a grossly undeserved six-figure salary with platinum bennies.

Changing of the (crooked) guards

The brainwashed cult says they rid the town of thieves like John Corea — they bring up the Million quarter scam whenever they want to prove that the HPU has been cleansed of corruption. Yeah, so?

The truth is, the corruption is worse in every part of the Hoboken government.

HPU corruption Seizure Notice Hoboken NJ - HPU Corruption {never ending}

Under this administration, the HPU hired crooks, people who independently scammed residents and got away with it for years with false tickets and extortion, and then you have the HPU employees who must be under direct orders to meet some kind of ticket quota so they ticket and boot legally parked cars knowing that most residents can’t afford to miss a day of work to fight a ticket in court.

If you look back in Hoboken’s history, in the 1980’s and 90’s, government officials were very clear that the HPU was formed with a mission to create new parking, it was not created as a means to a new revenue stream.

Aside from the fortune raked in by the HPU, City Hall is padded with too many directors and new positions, and redundant job functions. This adminstration has spent more on outside attorney contracts and has more directors than any other administration in Hoboken history.

How is that not corruption? Or at the very least – full proof that the public knowingly allows completely un-qualified individuals to dictate how the city runs, and how much ransom to charge you for your property. You will vote for that again? Shame on you.

That is why the budget has ballooned in Hoboken. Remember in 2009 during the mayoral race when the current “mayor” said she’d get the budget “back under control” and down to $89 Million?

Not even close. She didn’t even try. Because she is clueless and incompetent, and until she is given the proverbial boot, all of this crap will continue…

…At YOUR expense.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016 5:48 pm

Rather than have a competent admin & council that serves the entire community, Hoboken has been suckered into lack of basic services and a tax structure that subsidizes a single demographic while ignoring state and federal laws. The focus is proactively manipulating revenue and using our dollars and numerous legal means to immunize themselves from from responsibility of upholding a local government that provides honest services.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 12:10 pm

Maybe the gentleman from Marlyand would like to come back to Hoboken to see how the street cleaning dance works. In most neighborhoods, especially tight parking like my downtown neighborhood, people sit in their car until the street cleaner comes, pull around the block to let it pass, and park again in the span of about 4 minutes.
This article is ridiculous. I thought HPU only cares about getting money? Then if they did they let a dozen cars off from a violation? Which is it?!
This guy didn’t read the parking sign and was legitimately confused because cars were parked all around him with no ticket (tho they moved for the cleaning). Once again. Read the signs. Follow the law. Don’t get ticketed. Pretty simple.

Reply to  briank
Wednesday, April 6, 2016 11:05 pm

I love that retort many people make. Follow the law, pretty simple.

Do you realize how many laws you break daily? What will you say once they ticket you for each and every one you’ve broken?

I think some of the points made on here recently are in regards to the absurdity of the number of mundane laws that keep getting added to the books. All for revenue generation and hardly for improvement in quality of life.

Reply to  john14
Monday, April 11, 2016 5:49 pm

So having parking spots for residents available is not a quality of life issue? Really? What town do you live in because for me and just about everyone I know we want parking to be easier.

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