Annoying Windows 10 feature

Annoying Windows 10 Feature: “Spotlight”

windows 10 - Annoying Windows 10 featureWhile we were late to switch over to the much-heralded Windows 10 operating system, I have to say for the most part – we’re pretty satisfied.

The performance is good, the interface is well designed for the most part, and has been stable enough to say it’s reliable.

A lot of people were surprised at the number of privacy flaws, however. And there are a slew of articles online which help you “reclaim” your privacy step-by-step.

But one annoying Windows 10 “feature” I wanted to shut off. It’s the “random background image” that appears (and changes periodically) when your PC is locked. It’s called Windows Spotlight.

Sure, the pictures are “pretty” and all that (often cool scenery, HDR images, exotic places, etc.), so what could I possibly find wrong with them? Harmless, right?

Not really. They are photos that were chosen by someone else (or even a computer algorithm). Even though they ask you “do you like what you see?” on the lock screen (they say they’ll try and find pictures you like…) But I still took issue with them.

Be in control of your own thoughts

The thing is – when I login to my computer in the morning, I just want to get to work. An ordinary login screen would be fine. But when I’m forced to see a visual image of any kind – I believe it has some kind of momentary affect on your brain. Like the photo of a bicycle I saw this morning. I don’t want think about a bicycle. But I thought about a bicycle without consenting to it. Makes me wonder if it’s some kind of social experiment.

So you can turn it off. Just go to Settings –> Personalization –> Lock Screen and change the Background from Windows Spotlight – to something else, preferably “picture.” You can then either change it to one of the built-in photos, one of your choice, or you can create a blank .jpg of your favorite color in a photo editor.

Do you have any annoying Windows 10 features that you’ve shut off?

Turn off windows spotlight - Annoying Windows 10 feature

annoying windows 10 features - Annoying Windows 10 feature

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